Fleets at Hoover Sailing Club

Interlake Fleet 24

The Interlake is popular for racing and daysailing. Fleet 24 is the largest Interlake fleet.

Flying Scot Fleet 37

The Flying Scot is a comfortable, stable boat for family day sailing or racing.

MC Scow Fleet 54

The 16 ft. MC Scow is a popular, flat-bottomed racing boat that is usually single-handed.

Thistle Fleet 126

The Thistle is a 17 ft. high-performance racing sailboat designed in northern Ohio.

Windmill Fleet 60

The Windmill is a high-performance two-person boat with a lightweight hull.

505 Fleet 17

The 5O5 is a light weight, high performance boat with a powerful sail plan and one trapeze.

Laser Fleet 301

The Laser is a single-handed, one-design boat designed with simplicity and performance in mind.

Non-Fleet Boats

Extended Visitation memberships may be available to owners of a one-design open-cockpit monohull sailboat, less than 21 feet long and with an active class association.


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