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Windmill Racing

Windmill National Championship at HSC

Hoover Sailing Club’s Windmill Fleet 60 will host this year’s Windmill National Championship Regatta from July 17-20.

A record-breaking 40 boats are expected to compete in this national event with sailors haling from Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New York, Illinois, California, Maryland, Ohio, Florida, Kentucky, Delaware, Kansas and Washington, D.C. The current national Windmill champion is Craig Tovell of Columbus, Ohio and member of Fleet 60 at HSC. Craig has been sailing Windmill class boats since he was a child, and has twice won the national championship.

The regatta is open to all Windmill Class boats. The Windmill is a 15 1/2 foot, 2-person racing dinghy designed by boat-builder Clark Mills in 1953. Having designed the Optimist Pram in 1947, Clark saw a need for a 2-person high performance dingy that can be inexpensively constructed by amateur builders. The class has since evolved with the times to allow fiberglass construction and aluminum spars, yet both wooden and fiberglass Windmills remain equally competitive. The Windmill is a born racer. Its narrow, hard-chined planing hull provides high performance. The non-trapeze, non-spinnaker boat design makes the Windmill accessible to a wide range of sailing skills.