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Thistle Fleet Winter Party

THE PARTY ROCKED! We had a huge turnout at the Andrews’ circa-1870 house in Granville, which was beautifully decorated like a winter wonderland with lots of tiny white lights. The food was delicious, and Marilyn and Mark Andrew were gracious hosts, as always–thanks very much!

10. Bob France
9. Mike Stacey
8. Ann Jones
7. Doug Squires
6. Tom Hubbell
5. Louis Chicoine
4. Clyde Findley
3. John Church
2. Bill Miller
1. Steve Lavender

Fleet Captain – Louis Chicoine
Secretary Treasurer – Rachel Laskowski
Racing Rep – Steve Lavender
Scorer – Bill Miller
Regatta Chairman – Doug Squires
“Leadline” Reporter – Ann Jones

WEDNESDAY EVENING RACES will be scored as a separate series next season. As usual the races will be counted to the boat, not the skipper, so if you want credit for your win in another boat give the Race Committee YOUR boat number.

MIDWINTERS WEST will be raced on January 30-February 2 at Mission Bay Yacht Club, San Diego.

MIDWINTERS EAST is scheduled for March 2-7 at St. Petersburg. Mark Andrew with Matt Calore crewing, Tom Hubbell with crew John Yingling and Charlotte Bauer, and Kevin Tschanz with Bob France crewing are all planning to attend that fun event. Good luck, gang!

DOCKS IN is Saturday, March 29. Fleet Captain Louis Chicoine reminds us that preparedness is essential. Items to check:
Hiking Straps need to be replaced?
Hardware needs to be tightened?
Ring Dings need to be taped?
Diamond Wire tension?
Bow Registration current year?
Trailer Lights/Wiring need to be replaced?
Trailer License Tag current year?
Other equipment needs? How about those sails?

LAKE ERIE DISTRICTS will be held at Vermilion Boat Club on June 28 and 29, according to District Governor Ben France, and the

GREAT LAKES REGIONAL REGATTA is set for North Cape Yacht Club on July 12 and 13, according to Regional VP Steve Lavender.

THE RESERVOIR ISN’T ROCKY–With the temperature hovering in the low 40′s, I drove across it shortly before sunset on January 12, and there wasn’t an ice cube in sight in spite of those early January sub-zero temps. Hoover was totally full, and it’s little ripples beckoned tantalizingly in the late afternoon light.

It would have been a great day to go sailing; however, “The Columbus Dispatch” recently reported that the Lake had turned over its sediment so fast that some areas of Columbus were experiencing problems with terrible-tasting drinking water. Apparently it wasn’t contaminated for consumption, but it smelled and tasted pretty gross. Let’s hope that we have an early spring warmup and maybe that gunk will settle back down so that we can splash our boats soon. HERE’S LOOKING FORWARD TO A GREAT NEW SEASON!