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Learn to Sail FAQs

General Questions

Does the Sailing School or Sailing Club rent boats?
Is there a waiting list?
Can I enroll / pay online?
If I have to drop the class, what happens?
Do I need to be a member of Hoover Sailing Club to enroll in Sailing School programs?

Youth Programs

In which class should my child enroll?
How soon should I register?
Can my child attend just part of a session?
Does my child need to know how to swim?
What forms do I need to complete prior to class?
What gear does my child need?
What should my child bring the first day?
Does my child need to bring his/her own lunch?
How does my child advance to the next program level?

Adult Programs

Which courses should I take?
Can I miss classes?
Can I make up a class session?
Do I need to know how to swim?
What gear do I need?