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Learn to Sail

Sailing is a great activity and sport for all ages. For over 40 years, the US Sailing certified instructors at the Hoover Sailing Club Sailing School have been teaching children and adults how to sail. We offer an array of classes and racing teams designed specifically for different ages and levels of experience. Our courses provide the opportunity for kids and adults to develop the skills and confidence necessary to enjoy the sport of sailing. Class size is limited, so sign up early.

Adult Classes

An interest in sailing can lead you to many opportunities, from recreational sailing and racing to ocean voyaging and vacation-cruising on chartered sailboats. You can enjoy sailing individually or as a group, including racing individually or with a team. Sailing is a fun and affordable recreational activity for your whole family.

We offer beginner and intermediate sailing classes for adults throughout the summer. Classes are held in the evenings on two days each week, and each course runs for three weeks. Advanced sailing classes meet Tuesday evenings for six weeks.

Youth Classes

Offered for children ages 6 and up, our youth sailing programs are designed to teach not only sailing techniques, but personal responsibility, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Many universities have good sailing teams (Ohio State included) so sailing experience can help new college students make friends and fit-in quickly.

We run several one- and two-week beginner, intermediate and adventure sailing classes, as well as 10 one-week racing classes for kids over the summer. All daytime classes run from 8:30 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday, rain or shine, making it a great alternative to traditional summer camps.

Sailing under the banner of your high school with a group of your peers forges friendships that will no doubt last a lifetime. In that regard we happily invite all individuals from beginners to advanced level sailors to come and participate in the Midwest Inter-Scholastic Sailing Association (MISSA) with us.

High School Sailing

High School sailing is the fastest growing segment of sailing in the United States. This can be attributed to its focus on the team aspect of sailing and widespread participation and organization. At Hoover Sailing Club we focus heavily on team building, and make it our goal to make a place for every sailor that comes to us. Some schools have formed teams, however, school sponsorship is not required for participation in our program, and independents are always welcome (may have different competition eligibility). HSC plays host to official teams from Westerville North, Westerville South, Westerville Central, Thomas Worthington, Olentangy Orange, Olentangy Liberty, Olentangy Berlin, Olentangy High School, and New Albany.

We run two one-week HS Sailing clinics during the summer season as part of our instructional program for those sailors wanting more time on the water outside of the season. We support all Central Ohio high school teams and make it our goal to make a place for every sailor that comes to us regardless of sailing experience.


Hoover Sailing Club features everything to support a sailing program, its assets and its students. The club hosts a well-maintained fleet of twenty-four 420s, twelve FJs, eighteen Optimists, four Lasers, ten Windsurfers, six Interlakes, two Flying Scots, ten paddleboards, four kayaks, a Thistle, a Windmill, an International 14, plus numerous support boats to make up one of the top sailing school facilities in the region.