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Junior Racing Program

Boy sailing a laser. Photo by Lisa Kreischer.

Racing is an important part of the HSC Junior Sailing program, partly because racing tests all of the boat- handling skills a young sailor learns, and partly because the competition itself is a challenging, aesthetic, lifetime sport we want to pass to the next generation. The best way to start sailing competitively is to take the Sail Instruction courses offered at HSC.

For your first regatta, why not sail right at home? The HSC Junior Regatta in June will be on the waters you already sail, and is convenient for parents, too.

All juniors who race under the HSC banner are part of the HSC Junior Race Team. We coordinate travel plans and equipment needs between our sailors who venture to other clubs as close as Leatherlips (Dublin), or as far as Pymatuning Lake (in Pennsylvania).

Kids sailing in a regatta. Photo by Lisa Kreischer.

There are plenty of junior regattas on the Lake Erie shore, too. We’ll try to point you to some assistance on this site, like the many tuning guides and class associations for the junior boats on the Sailing Links page.

Once you’ve got the racing bug, you’ll want to go where the action is – the home regattas of other clubs in the area. Check out the dates and contact info for these on the I-LYA Traveler Series page.

Download the HSC Junior Race Team Manual (PDF)

Each sailing club in our area sends a team of juniors, ages 13-18, to Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island (near Port Huron), for a week of fantastic racing, coaching, and fun. The I-LYA Junior Championship Regatta is an event that is to be remembered – just ask some of the champion sailors who’ve had this experience.