Build a Team

Building a High School Sailing Team

Sailors with non-registered teams will sail as a mixed team at regattas. Sailors and parents who want to see their school have a registered team, this is your page. Check out each section and use the key resources to help create your team.

Step One: School District Approval

A parent can register a team with MISSA as long as the team meets the criteria of 4 members grades 7-12. Having school backing helps you recruit and grow your team.

Schools are typically selective as to which sport to let in to their community. Most schools will only allow Ohio High School Athletic Association approved sports. Don’t let that be a disappointment. Best practice is to discuss sailing as “club” activity.

Typical path of approach is first the Athletic Director. The AD will want to present this to Superintendent and the School Board. Please use materials provided to help you prepare your AD to present or better yet, find opportunities to present as a parent. Key speaking points are available in the materials listed in the resources on the right.

Getting school board approval is the hardest part of creating your team. Once you have their approval, you can have school meetings, presentations, fundraising, and recruit. If you can not get school board approval, ask if you can at least advertise. If that is still a no, don’t sweat it, just have to get more creative on recruiting.

Step Two: Recruitment

Minimum amount of sailors to make a team is 4. Ideally, your team has more sailors to cover any absences. If your team has less than four, you will sail in mixed teams with other school during a regatta. If the team doesn’t have a group divisible by 4, the more novice sailors then become alternates. Alternates are used to rotate out fatigued crew as seen fit by coaches. There will be opportunity to take alternates to form additional mixed teams during a regatta.

In the resource section, there are materials you can use to recruit each season. There are step-by-step suggestions on how to promote sailing at your school.

Step Three: Team Meetings

Here is where you really meet your potential team. The resource section has some great ideas and materials you can use for your meeting. Parents like to know their kids are going to fit in, are capable to grow and will be happy.

Step Four: Managing the Team

By now, you are a full team and well on your way. In the resources, you will find information about uniforms, spirit wear and cool success stories. Remember to use social media to share your team’s (and school’s) participation and successes at events.