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High School Sailing


High School Sailing

The High School Sailing Program provides an opportunity for all students (grades 7-12) to practice, race and travel to compete against other high schools. Sailing under the banner of your high school with a group of your peers forges friendships that will no doubt last a lifetime. In that regard, we happily invite all individuals from beginners to advanced level sailors to come and participate in the Midwest Interscholastic Sailing Association (MISSA) with us. At the highest level, high school sailing leads to regional and national competitions, summer race teams and collegiate teams.

High School Sailing is the fastest growing segment of sailing in the United States. This can be attributed to its focus on the team aspect of sailing and widespread participation and organization. Hoover Sailing Club supports all Central Ohio high school teams and make it our goal to make a place for every sailor that comes to us. Some schools have formed teams, however school sponsorship is not required for participation in our program and independents are always welcome (may have different competition eligibility). HSC hosts official teams from Westerville North, Westerville South, Westerville Central, New Albany, Olentangy Berlin, Olentangy Orange, Olentangy Liberty, Olentangy HS, Thomas Worthington and Worthington Kilbourne High Schools. We supply boats, coaches, trailers, and more. A growing number of sailors come twice weekly to practice, regattas are scheduled many Saturdays or Sundays, and we run 2 one-week High School Sailing Clinics in the summer. Learn more about the program.

Outside of sailing, all students are encouraged to work with their schools and team parents to promote and build the sport of sailing in Ohio. Individual schools may require fundraising. Learn more about building a team for your school.

Program Benefits

  • Sailing is a co-educational competitive sport.
  • Colleges actively recruit talented sailors for their college teams.
  • Sailing involves physical strength and agility, and teaches students about navigation, physics, the marine environment, and the importance of teamwork.
  • Sailing is an activity that literally can take you around the globe and provide a warm introduction to other sailors in just about any country.
  • Sailing is a sport that you will enjoy throughout your life.
  • Supervised use of host club facilities, offering quality access to the water.
  • Safety and rescue boats are on the water at all times with liability coverage under the Club’s insurance policy.
  • Professional coaching during regattas and practices.

Participating Schools

All students are welcomed to participate even if your school is not listed below.

  • Columbus Academy
  • Columbus School for Girls
  • DeSales High School
  • Dublin City Schools
  • Granville High School
  • New Albany High School*
  • Olentangy High School
  • Olentangy Berlin
  • Olentangy Liberty*
  • Olentangy Orange*
  • Thomas Worthington High School*
  • Upper Arlington
  • Wellington School
  • Westerville North*
  • Westerville South*
  • Westerville Central*
  • Worthington Kilbourne High School

*full registration with MISSA

For more information, contact Coach Jamie Jones at 614-216-2679

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