Commodore’s Comments

Spring is finally here. We have had our first 60° day, 70° day, and even our first 80° day! The docks are in, the grounds are ready, and it is time to go sailing.

The Docks Committee once again put our docks in efficiently and they look great. Peter Rothman and his committee members have done a great job replacing barrels and boards. Now it is up to all of us to keep them looking great by making sure the goose string is in place and any goose poo is swept off the dock with the new deck brushes when we see it. I want to send out a special thanks to Don Bacharowski, last year’s Docks Chairman, for his countless hours building new A-frames for the mooring dock.

The Grounds Committee has the property looking great and the west dry sail lot looks even better, since it was refurbished after Docks In. The plan put into place by last year’s Grounds Chairman was implemented and the gravel looks better than it has in recent memory. Thank you, Jeff Jones. Committee members have been preparing the playground by repairing and updating the equipment. Ted Thomas has worked through many drafts of how to accommodate all of our boats and trailers. Let’s help him out by getting our boats and trailers to their assigned spots for the sailing season.

I want to thank all of the committees and club members for your hard work to open the club up for the sailing season. The clubhouse and kitchen are open and ready for our enjoyment. Check out the new tables inside. They look great.  Would you like to take home one of the old ones? Click here to see them:

The young and young at heart are already sailing, with the High School sailors already out learning, practicing and racing. The laser sailors are out racing one another since they don’t seem to understand it’s cold in the evenings in April.

It is great to see masts going up and boats getting ready to sail. We should have many pleasant days in April and May to cruise the reservoir.

See you on the water! Check out the Docks In photo album below.

HSC Member Directories

The directories are available for pickup in the club kitchen through Memorial Day weekend.  Please grab yours as soon as possible.

One update–we didn’t have the current commodore of the OSU Sailing Club at the time of publication.  Here is the correct listing (found on page 9 of the directory).
Ohio State University Sailing Club—Commodore Avery Lawrence / / 513/473-9690

2021 HSC T-Shirt Design Contest Winners

Congratulations to the two winners of the 2021 HSC T-shirt design contest:  Jessica Howard (Interlake 566) for the back design of the shirt and Lauren Whitaker Amery (Interlake 1284) for the front design. We had eight entries in the T-shirt design contest!  I am grateful for the a big response.  The BOG had a difficult time selecting a winner, that’s why we selected two.  Even that was difficult since the eight entries were really good!  

The designs will be offered on Guildan Tek and cotton blend long and short sleeve t-shirts in Adult and Youth sizes, plus a baseball cap with the HSC burgee.  The J.C. Manny Co. of Westerville is working with Jessica and Lauren to finalize the designs.  Once completed, we will email the order form to members, post it on Facebook, and on the HSC website.  Stay tuned for the form and payment details. 

How to Reserve the Clubhouse

Our location on the reservoir is one of the lovely places in central Ohio.  We are so fortunate to have such a great place to relax and share with friends and family.  The clubhouse is available for members to use for social events. You have use of the kitchen, restrooms, main room, and patio. You do not have exclusive use, as other members may be present at the Club, or your event may overlap with scheduled sail instruction activities. 

When do I reserve the clubhouse?

It’s important to know that groups over 10 people must make a reservation to use the clubhouse. 

How do I reserve the clubhouse?

First, check your desired date on the club events calendar. If the date is open, please email me, Joyce Lohner at with this information:

  • Date and time
  • Type of event
  • Number of people attending
  • Your cell phone number

I will get back to you within a day or two to confirm your reservation and add it to the calendar. Note: The clubhouse may not be available for reservations the evening before a big Saturday regatta.

What are your responsibilities?

During your event, please be respectful of the clubhouse and grounds. At the conclusion of your event, please clean up any messes on the floor (broom or mop), wash and put away any club items that you used, wipe down the kitchen and tables, take any trash and recycling items to the appropriate bins in the parking lot, take all food home with you, including refrigerator items, close all doors and windows, turn out all lights, and, most importantly, LOCK UP.

More details about House and Kitchen Rules can be found in your 2021 HSC Directory in the Bylaws section on pages 86-88.

The Grounds Look Great

A hearty thanks to all who took part in the spring cleanup of the club grounds.  About 40% of the grounds committee had a role, and we were well aided by 6 or so young people from OSU sailing team.  The rafts folks did a bang-up job of site cleanup.  A lot of labor has gone into cleaning out the southwest corner of the WDL. We have identified 107 tires and 26 barrels for repurposing, and the waste raft is gone.  Old tires and barrels will be disposed of in an environmentally safe way.  The tires remaining on the docks have had holes drilled in the bottom to eliminate standing water.  Thanks to Peter Rothman, Docks Chair and the Docks crew. 

Wait until you see the place!  Traffic bumpers are being painted.  Fences repaired.  Ann Jones renewed the playground warning sign.  The fort in the playground has been substantially reinforced and a new balance beam and stepping stones have been added to activities.  John Church has designed a new latch lock (to be built) for the entry gate, and a better gate stop is under consideration. And finally, summer routine grounds maintenance assignments are underway and the garbage removal and mowing agreements are in place.

RUB Lot (Rarely Used Boats) Cleanup—We Need Your Help

Clearing out unclaimed/unpaid trailers and boats from the RUB lot is a normal part of our Spring-cleaning at HSC.  Two trailers and three boats have been identified that have not paid for storage and we don’t know who owns them.  They are shown in the pictures below.  Per the club’s official policy, the BOG has asked me to try to identify who owns them by email and then this final notification via Leadline.  They need to be identified and arrangements made for payment of storage or removed.  If they are still unclaimed on May 1st we will declare them abandoned and will dispose of them or auction them off.  Please contact me at if you are the owner or know who is. 

Goose Line . . . No Goose Poop—Please Help

Seems like the Canadian geese (they’re really all from Canton), have been holding it in all winter until we launched our docks. The good news is our GPM (goose poop management) system is in place, i.e., the goose string is installed and it works great to keep geese from getting on the docks.  However, it only works when it’s up.  It’s easy to take it down to make launching and landing safe and trip-free.  

What we ask you is if you’re the last one off the dock or at the end of Sunday and Wednesday night racing you see it down, PLEASE, PLEASE take 5 minutes to put it back up.  Kinda like locking the gate if you’re the last one to leave.  And thanks in advance!

Everything You Want to Know about Racing

HSC Race Management Seminar
Thursday, May 6, 6:30 – 9 PM
Presented by Jamie Jones on Zoom

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been sailing or racing, you can always learn something new. Jamie Jones will conduct a Zoom seminar on the finer points, or maybe not so fine, of managing a sailboat race. Jamie is a US Sailing Certified Race Official. He’s spent years adding to his resume of successfully managing regattas and other sailing events. Take a couple of hours to take advantage of his experience.

Here are some of the things you could learn:

  • Choosing courses to give competitors the best possible races
  • Adjusting the course in response to changing conditions (that never happens at Hoover!)
  • Starting and finishing the fleets
  • Recording the finishes
  • Ensuring the safety of the competitors and the race committee

The goal of this seminar to make racing more enjoyable for all competitors as well as the race committee.

Keep an eye out for a Zoom invitation for the event – will email to everyone on May 5 or 6.

The Rules from Start to Finish Seminar Now Online

If you missed the Dave Perry Seminar on March 29th below is a link to the recording and the passcode. As much as you think you know the racing rules you’ll be surprised at what you don’t know. You’re not alone. See if you pick up something.

Passcode: n*L0#fVX 

Remember, HSC Racing Rules are published in the HSC Directory on pages 53 thru 64. 

Mark these events in your calendar.

Saturday, May 22—All club members welcome to the Training and Coaching event. Not just for racers, we want everyone who sails at Hoover to have an opportunity to up their game with on-land demonstrations and on-the-water drills and coaching. More details to follow.

Saturday, May 29—Trailer backing and launching event followed by a cruise to the north bridge.  Would you like to get more comfortable backing up and launching your boat without all the “helpful” advice from impatient bystanders? I sure do.

May 30 & 31 Memorial Day Holiday Series Racing—first warning signal at 1:45 p.m. Sunday and Monday

Monday, May 31—Memorial Day Club Picnic. This is BYO food and the club will supply beverages including beer.

Wednesday Night Racing begins May 5 and runs through August 25. The first warning signal 6:50 p.m.

Pursuit Races are held on the third Wednesdays: Mark your calendar May 19, June 16, July 21 and August 18. We will use the same a color-coding scheme from last year to communicate the wind speed range for each Pursuit Race. Look for a colored flag on the Race Committee Boat under the RC flag. The wind speed sheets will be at the top of the ramp for dry sailors & on the porch of the club for raft owners.

What’s Pursuit Race

In a pursuit race, you are competing against all boats in the race. Each class of boat at HSC uses a national handicap based on its relative speed vs. a theoretical “scratch” boat (we use the Sunfish as our scratch boat, but our pursuit race process does not require an actual Sunfish to be racing).   The Sunfish starts at “zero,” with each HSC class starting after, slowest boats first until all have started.  The finish line is set up 60 minutes after the Sunfish start.  In theory (and in practice) all classes of boats have an even chance to win.   

The Clubhouse & Kitchen are Open!

Thanks to the Social Committee’s efforts on Docks In day. The cupboards and appliances have been cleaned and sanitized. The contents of the cupboards and drawers have been washed and placed back into the designated kitchen cabinets and drawers. After consultation with members that are professional health workers, the kitchen and the contents pose little risk of spreading Covid-19. That said, the kitchen and the contents are still Use at Your Own Risk for the small possibility of Covid-19 or other surface-born contaminants.

When you have the opportunity to use the clubhouse, here are the House Rules.  Please:

  • Clean up after yourself and take all leftover food home with you, including your refrigerator items.
  • Wash any club items that you used and wipe up or sweep/mop up any areas that you used.
  • Properly dispose of your trash and recycling items. It’s important that food in trash bags be taken out to the dumpster! It helps reduce the number of critters getting into the clubhouse.  There are additional trash bags, towels cleaning supplies in the washtub closet outside the men’s restroom
  • If you prefer, there are a limited number of disposable items available for your use. If you have any wrapped disposable items, the kind that come in your carry-out orders and you would like to donate for use at the club, please place in the bin in the kitchen.

The House Committee also worked hard on Docks In and have set up brand new lightweight picnic tables inside the house.  These will be easier to move and the old heavy wood ones have been moved outside.  We do ask that people refrain from sitting on the new tabletops.  They do have a weight limit and it’s not nice to put your feet where others will sit.

Supplies:  Additional toilet paper and folded paper towels can be found in the cabinets inside each restroom.  Our excellent cleaning guy, Anthony, is back for his 3rd year and we are very grateful.  He knows the routine and typically keeps us well stocked but if you need something, it shouldn’t be too hard to find in the closet and cabinets.
First Aid Supplies:  We do have a first aid kit and an AED (automated external defibrillator) inside the kitchen, in the first cabinet to the right after entering from the hallway.  We hope it’s never needed but if people don’t know where to find it, it won’t do us any good!

More details about House and Kitchen Rules can be found in your 2021 HSC Directory in the Bylaws section on pages 86-88. Last year we published a helpful article about the care of the clubhouse here:

Would you like a picnic table? See photo below. Six old picnic tables by the parking lot close to the wood pile need new homes.  First come, first serve! We start disassembly and recycling of any tables remaining on the grass by the end of April.

Scot Spot

Our Buckeye Regatta is on for May 15-16, 2021. Based on feedback from the FSSA district we are expecting 6 or more off the lake boats. Deep Creek Sailing Association alone is hoping to bring 4. Sandy Phalen is chairing the event and Dan Carpenter is our Registrar. We need ALL Flying Scot Fleet 37 members, racers and cruisers, to participate.

We’re serving box lunches and a catered dinner, so no long hours in the kitchen, but we will need help with the logistics of picking up the food and serving.   All fleet members are welcome to join the group for a socially distanced dinner on Saturday night.  You can reserve that by filling out the registration form that went to all members or by sending Dan Carpenter a check for the dinner and letting Sandy know how many are coming. (check your directory for emails)

It is the first regatta of the season in the Ohio District and I am hopeful we can reinstate the tradition here after a year like no other in my lifetime. Please let me know if you can help. This is a fleet event that has a long tradition and we need your participation to keep it going.

Interlake Interlude

I’m Don Bacharowski and I’m the Fleet Captain for Interlake Fleet 24 this 2021 season.  I welcome your ideas and help this sailing season.  Contact me at

Thankfully, Covid didn’t keep us from sailing last summer. I saw many Interlakes on the reservoir last summer both cruising and racing.  As for those who raced, thanks to Jamie Jones, we’re happy to announce winners from the 2020 season. 

Tom Fee
Fleet Champion

1st – Spring, Fall, Holiday Series
2nd – Wednesday Series
Donald Bacharowski
2nd Place Overall
2nd – Spring & Fall Series
3rd – Holiday & Wednesday Series
Mark Presley
3rd Place Overall
3rd Spring Series
4th Fall Series
Jeffrey Tyndall
4th Place Overall
2nd Holiday Series
William Kotys
5th Place Overall
3rd Fall Series
Mark White
1st  Wednesday Series
4th  Holiday Series

Here’s some more information you need to know:

  • Please make sure you know your Race Committee assignment days,  and your dry-sail lot assignments.
  • We will have a handful of helpful fellow Interlakers out for an ‘Interlake Masts Up’ event ahead of one of the upcoming seminars in May (possibly 5/22 or 5/29). We will start sending more fleet emails as we kick off the season with more details on that.
  • Look for the fleet dues letter that will also include the option to pay the Interlake Class Fleet Dues at the same time.
  • If you are willing and able to help with our annual George Fisher Memorial on Saturday June 19 let me know. 
  • Who would like to be our Social Chair to help organize some Interlake social events this season?  If so, let me know. 

I look forward to seeing you all at the club!

High School Sailing—Off to the Races!

From the time we started putting the fleet together mid-March to now, many of our High School Sailors have already sailed more hours this spring than many of us will sail all year long, and we’re just getting started! Our intrepid group of sailors from 15 schools across Central Ohio has put in the time, competed in 3 events and the results are showing some great successes already!

We started with our first Friday Night Lights event right after the docks went in with 25 teams from Hoover, Leatherlips and even some Ohio State sailors. These kinds of regattas are awesome in the fact that we keep the top sailors off the tiller and put them in crewing positions with their JV teammates driving! It’s an amazing way for our leaders to give back to their teams and train the next generation of HS Sailors and it works! Many of the kids that sailed and did well at last year’s events are driving in varsity roles this year with a couple of them (Noah Olsen and Fisher Howe) leading the charge for Westerville North HS and their team racing team that qualified for the National qualifier regatta this weekend!

It was a top 7 sweep for Hoover HS teams at our first Friday Night Lights event with sailors from Gahanna, Westerville North, Bexley, Olentangy Orange and Worthington Kilbourne rounding out the top 4.

The following weekend was our district qualifying event where we welcomed 13 teams from around Ohio to qualify for 3 spots at the championships. When the spray settled, the Westerville North team of Brendan Smucker, Sam Heighway, Fisher Howe, Alex Hedrick, Noah Olsen and Brinn Faulkner qualified to represent us at the Baker (team race) Championships in Minnesota and the Mallory (fleet racing) Championships in Cleveland. Best of luck to that team in their travels.

Finally, last weekend we hosted the 6th annual State Championship Regatta with 21 teams from 18 schools in attendance. This makes the Ohio State Championship the largest such regatta in the country! While we didn’t win the State Championship, we did end up with 5 teams in the top ten including Olentangy Liberty’s team of Porter Martin/Brady Smith and Emma Friedauer/Emily Williams finishing 3rd overall, with Emma and Emily tied for 1st in B division. Rounding out the top ten were teams from Westerville North (5th), New Albany (6th), Olentangy Orange (7th) and another Olentangy Orange team in 10th.

We have more regattas in May including 2 at Leatherlips YC and 3 in Cleveland before we wrap up the season at the end of the month. If you have a middle school or high school aged student at home and want to get them into the fastest growing sport in High School, we have a couple of clinics this summer and our fall season starting at the end of August. Come check it out, get involved and see what all the hype is about!

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