Youth Sailing Classes

Please note that there are no longer any openings in the program this year.   Please check back with us early in the spring of 2022.

Offered for children ages 8 and up, our youth sailing programs are designed to teach not only sailing techniques, but personal responsibility, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Many universities have good sailing teams (Ohio State included) so sailing experience can help new college students make friends and fit-in quickly.

We offer one week classes for all age groups this season. Pick the weeks you want your sailors to join us and we'll match them up with their peer group and skill level on the first day of class.

All of our daytime classes run from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday all summer long — rain or shine — making it a great alternative to traditional day camps. We also offer advanced coaching sessions during the evenings for those that qualify.

High-school aged sailors can also check out our High School Sailing Program

Opti Classes

In these courses, we introduce 8 and 9 year olds to sailing and help them feel at ease on the water and be comfortable in boats. Both of these courses can be repeated until “aging out” of them. There’s nothing better than time on the water.

Since the objective of the course is to get the students to feel comfortable sailing, the class will not sail on days with threatening weather, such as rain or high winds. Instead, we will use activities to further their nautical knowledge, like crafts, watching videos, and playing games.

Beginner and Intermediate Sailing

Beginning and Intermediate level classes are held throughout the summer and utilize our well-maintained fleet of Optis, CFJs, and 420s. Students are placed in sections by the Sailing School staff according to age, size, fitness level, and sailing experience. Prior to the first lesson, students are grouped accordingly in one of the categories below.

Sign up for Beginner or Intermediate and let the instructors if you have a preference on the first year; otherwise, they’ll place them in the right boat for their size and skill level.

Youth Racing Programs

Our Youth Racing Program is split into two groups: Learn to Race (LTR) and Advanced Race Team (ART). The Learn to Race is run by the Sailing School with classes taking place during the day. The Advanced Race Team is run in the evenings by the Youth Racing Program and headed up by John Hoctor. All kids start out in the Learn to Race program before graduating on to the Advanced Race Team program.

Opti Teams

Laser and 420 Teams

In addition to the Opti Teams, the Advanced Racing Program at Hoover Sailing Club includes the Laser Race Team and the 420 Race Teams A and B. The three teams do much of their training together, including fitness and agility workouts on land focusing on raising the overall level of skills on the water. The teams are coached by highly qualified and experienced sailors who have extensive upper level racing experience.

All members of any of Hoover Sailing Club Race Teams are expected to be active and productive members of the team at all times, both in practice and at competition, contributing equally to the success of the team as a whole.

Wednesday Night Open Sailing

In addition to sailing lessons, we offer Wednesday Evening Open Sailing from 6-8pm on Wednesdays from June 16-August 11, 2021, weather permitting. The fee for this program is $75 for the summer. The Junior Club is open to any child who is taking, or has taken, one of our sail instruction programs.

One of our certified sail instructors will be on hand to supervise activities, including both fun sailing and racing. Club Optis and 420s are for sign-up at the clubhouse on a first-come basis. It's mandatory to sign up with the instructor of the day at the clubhouse before hitting the water.

You can contact our Learn to Sail Program Director Jamie Jones at 614-216-2679 or for further information