2019 Annual Awards Banquet

Lisa KreischerHoover Sailing Club, Leadline, Leadline Club News

It was very touching to witness Jamie and the junior sailors announce Sam and Brendan as the Rippel Award recipients. They are seen here FaceTiming the two winners who were on the road returning from a regatta. The signs read: Way to go Brendan! Way to go Sam! Great sailing this year! You guys are amazing! Thanks for being great … Read More

2020 HSC Officers

Lisa KreischerHoover Sailing Club, Leadline, Leadline Club News

Board of Governors Commodore Steve Lavender Vice-Commodore Chad Headlee Rear Commodore Scott Savage Membership Secretary Lisa Aspery Secretary Charles Vasulka Treasurer Mark White Fleet Captain Tom Fee Past Commodore Marty Sweterlitsch Committee Chairpersons Docks Don Bacharowski Grounds Jeff Jones House Chad Headlee Safety Chris Fogle Social Joyce Lohner Publicity Nathan Ward Sail Instruction Jamie Jones Junior Sailing Scott Savage Leadline … Read More

Reservoir Watch Winter 2019-20

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What’s up with the Hoover water level? We see the water level go up and down at Hoover, but many of us don’t know much about its normal cycles.  You can see a chart like this one on the US Coast Guard website. An analyst with the City of Columbus has been good enough to send me daily water level … Read More

Frostbite News

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S.A.i.L. Participants, A summer therapy session was just what we needed!  Seven participants came out to enjoy a Saturday afternoon on the pond at the beginning of the Labor Day weekend.   Mark White, our therapy manager, did an excellent job of managing the session and keeping the course lined up with a less than cooperative northeast breeze that ranged between … Read More

Reservoir Watch

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The lake is still warm, but the water level is going down. Team Clyde dragged the centerboard near the west shore on August 18. About the only place where you don’t have to watch for the brown bottom will soon be the area just northeast of the club. A good rule of thumb to watch the slope of the land … Read More

Weather Watch

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IS PERMAFROST REALLY PERMANENT??? by Ann Jones The internet is a very scary place! I was browsing it drowsily when I was startled wide awake by the following story titled, “Alaska is a Ticking Time Bomb and Scientists Must Prepare as It Sets to Explode”, by Taylor Brown, updated in September 2019. That article explained that Alaska’s permafrost (which covers … Read More

Weather Watch

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First the good news! Commodore Marty investigated last month and found that our brand of algae isn’t problematic–thanks for taking care of us Marty! Now, when you look at those low clouds on the horizon, do you recognize that you’re seeing?  Can you tell the difference between a shelf cloud and a wall cloud? It’s pretty easy to distinguish them, … Read More

Reservoir Watch

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The water is very high, because our annual precipitation is more than 9 inches above normal, and over 3 of those inches fell in June. The water is warm, the wind is moderating, and it’s high summer–capsize drills and hull scrubbing will soon be the best way to go. Hoover is a cool place to be on a hot summer … Read More