Putting Some Youth in Your Race Committee

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Check out this great article that Jamie Jones wrote for US Sailing, and also to be published in the Great Lakes Scuttlebutt.  He outlines his efforts over the past few years to get youth sailors involved in running races, not just sailing in them.  Jamie’s program really gives kids an appreciation for sailboat racing from the other side.   Traditionally, youth … Read More

Looking Back over the Years

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Circa 1969 mooring

Lisa K asked me to write an article reflecting on some of the more interesting developments in sailing from my 50 years of racing boats at HSC. The photo above was provided by Jay Huling. This is an HSC sunset circa 1969 when members’ boats were moored. The Cunningham There was a time when you had to either crank your … Read More

Learn to Sail

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2021 Learn to Sail season has officially kicked off with our enrollment forms having gone “live” on our website on January 15. In five short weeks, we’ve already seen tremendous returns with early sign ups over 300% from normal! That doesn’t mean we’re going to be overrun with kids and adults this summer, we’re still capping enrollment numbers at a … Read More

2021 Junior Race Team

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Hello all, I am Nate Ireland, the new Junior Racing Team (JRT) Chair for 2021. I’m taking over for Scott Savage, who did an admirable job implementing a Covid plan while maneuvering our JRT through a difficult year. The 2020 team was not able to compete in a typical traveling season, but was resourceful enough to have a successful experience … Read More

180 Degree Award

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Nathan Ward’s (the winner) recollections:  It was Labor Day and I wanted to take a few friends sailing in my Thistle—there was an approaching storm but I thought we had an hour or two of wild wind before the storm arrived and my crew, who had never been sailing before, all agreed we should go out.  After reaching back and forth across … Read More

2020 Sportsmanship Awards

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Sportswoman Award The HSC Sportswoman Award is presented annually to a woman who shows outstanding service to the club and the sport of one-design sailboat racing.  She should show true sportsmanship both on and off the water.  Past recipients decide who receives this award each year.  Last year’s recipient Stephanie Headlee presented the award. While 2020 has been crazy, to … Read More

2020 Rippel Award

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This year our junior sailors were faced with a less then perfect situation; this is an understatement. That said, they handled it perfectly, also an understatement. At the beginning of the year our sailors did not know if they would have a season at all, everyone took it all in stride. From virtual practices to not being able to travel … Read More

Event-full! Race Committee Report

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The 3rd and final Pursuit race for 2020 was held in August. There were over 30 boats on the starting line.  Steve Lavender is our 2020 Club Champion.  The Labor Day Series concluded on a windy Monday. Steady winds were less than 15 mph but there were definitely some higher gusts. Race committee was well staffed and did a great job. There were … Read More

Fall High School Sailing

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High School Sailing is one of the normal things we have been able to do this fall, with some limitations… We’ve hosted 4 events at the lake so far this fall, all socially distanced with masks on while on shore of course! We’ve invited our new friends from Leatherlips’ HS programming over to join us and we’re having a blast … Read More