Scow Scoop

Mark WhiteFleet News, Hoover Sailing Club, Leadline

Cowtown Regattaby Clark Wade The 2020 Cowtown Regatta, re-scheduled from May, happened on a sunny September 19 afternoon at Hoover Sailing Club.  Instead of 2 days of sailing, dinner, awards, and beer… we had 1 day of sailing and none of the above; nor entry fee.  Twenty-five sailors showed up Saturday morning; rigged, launched, and sailed 6 back-to-back races with 1 … Read More

Thistle—A Hail from the Rail

Ann JonesFleet News, Hoover Sailing Club, Leadline

HSC LABOR DAY SERIES RESULTS:  Congratulations to all who participated! Bill Miller Mike McBride/Kimberly Pasley Steve Lavender HARVEST MOON RESULTS: This regatta was raced at Atwood on September 19 and 20, the same weekend as the Cowan Regatta. Chris Diffley was the only Hoover skipper listed, but he represented us well on the first day of the regatta. A total … Read More

Milling Around

Tim BachmannFleet News, Hoover Sailing Club, Leadline

The mud beneath the footbridge from the Clubhouse is peppered with pieces of shale and fallen wood. That strange, thin oily stream with multi-colors is almost dry now. Squirrels have been busy collecting hickory nuts and scattering husks along the south bank of Windmill Cove. As I zigzag through the riprap and onto the boat rafts, two mallards, huddled under … Read More

Interlake Interlude

Jeff TyndallFleet News, Hoover Sailing Club, Leadline

Farewell to Wednesday Night Racing Editor’s Note:  Wednesday evening racing is over for our 2020 sailing season.  It was so much fun this year.  Every Wednesday forecast seemed to be light and variable, but every Wednesday night’s weather brought perfect winds.  Wednesday nights also brought out the pleasure sailors too, who take advantage of having safety boats in the water.  … Read More

Scow Spot

Mark WolfFleet News, Hoover Sailing Club, Leadline

Five months of racing behind us; two more to go.  Sunday, September 6 and Monday the 7th are the Labor Day Holiday Series!  Our MC fleet has been very active this summer.  August 30th was the third straight racing day in which 14 MC Scows started a race and there were more MC Scows racing than the boats of all … Read More

A Hail from the Rail

Stuart FisherFleet News, Hoover Sailing Club, Leadline

COVID-19 is creating challenges in every part of our lives.  Everything looks different, but everything must look different to make sure we see the other side of this pandemic as soon as possible.  Fortunately, as sailors, we have an element of social distancing engrained in the on-course action.  With the creative leadership of Fleet Captain Mike McBride and Commodore Steve … Read More

S.A.i.L. Therapy Sessions

Steve LavenderFleet News, Leadline

Editor’s Note:  Steve Lavender is not only the HSC Commodore, but he is also the chief therapist for our Laser sailors. S.A.i.L. stands for Sail-Aholics in Lasers.  I think that name tells it all.  Any owner of a Laser is invited to race each week.  Volunteers are sought to be the race committee.  Each week Steve writes a summary, reports … Read More

Interlake Interludes

Steve AsperyFleet News, Hoover Sailing Club, Leadline

What a great day! On Saturday June 20, 26 Interlakes enjoyed a day of relative normalcy with a great day of racing and socializing…distantly of course. Hoover’s Interlake Fleet 24 stepped up to the challenges of hosting an event while respecting the need to follow the rules and restrictions of our times. We held a one-day George Fisher Memorial Regatta … Read More

Scow Scoop

Lisa KreischerFleet News, Hoover Sailing Club, Leadline

How to Right an MC Scow As members, we all are asked to serve on Race Committee and occasionally when the wind hits just right (or wrong) we may have to help a sailor who has capsized.  It’s a normal part of sailing.   Here are some basic guidelines followed by a video on the specific specific details on righting … Read More

Hail From the Rail

Tom HubbellFleet News, Hoover Sailing Club, Leadline

“Who Are Those Guys?” Remember the scene in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid when they look at each other and ask, “Who are those guys?”  This was a frequent question in the parking lot, clarified somewhat as sail numbers appeared.  Masked citizens driving familiar vehicles and all towing identical 17-foot canvas-covered boats distantly speckled the parking lot at Hoover … Read More