Commodore’s Comments – September 2019

Marty SweiterlichCommodore Comments, Leadline

Fall has arrived and with it some of the best sailing of the year. Steady winds, sunshine ( hopefully) with moderate temperatures and beautiful fall colors showing up on the lakeshore.  At least this is my ideal Fall sailing experience. I am always a little sad this year as the season winds down, we put our boats away and pull … Read More

Commodore’s Comments – July 2019

Marty SweiterlichCommodore Comments, Hoover Sailing Club, Leadline

Angel on Our Shoulders A regatta is always an adventure but some are more challenging than others both on and off the water. Team Helga went to Deep Creek Maryland in July for the 2019 Sandy Douglas memorial Regatta where 30 to 40 boats in 4 fleets participated. Saturday evening we were mid fleet in the Silver Fleet with a potential for hardware … Read More

Commodore’s Comments June 2019

Marty SweiterlichCommodore Comments, Leadline

Some of our sailors have noticed that the water on Hoover is not only unusually high but also showing some algae bloom. For those who may be concerned I have been advised by experts that algae usually does not produce a toxic mix. There are literally hundreds of types of algae in Ohio but only two of them can produce … Read More