The Corona Chronicles

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Here we are in the Spring of 2020 when most of the population is in some degree of isolation either self-imposed or mandated. Socially distance -physically- by an unseen virus that threatens our lives and way of life. The funny thing about isolation is that while the intention is to separate people, it actually tends to draw people together, to … Read More

Milling Around

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So, why do we love sailing
Windmills? The reasons are as varied as the sailors in Windmill Fleet 60.
For some Windmill sailors it
really IS love, as in the case of Mike and Dixie Mickelson, who have been
sailing together for decades. They love that the Windmill is small, inexpensive
and spirited… and it doesn’t need a third crew.

Used Sails…Monkey Business?

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First of all, thanks to HSC members who donated their used sails at Docks-out last year. At that event, Windmill Fleet 60 collected sails to donate to Sails For Sustenance, a non-profit organization that repurposes sails for use by fishermen in Haiti. And, we also collected old sails for use at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Yes, the Columbus Zoo! … Read More