180 Degree Award

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Nathan Ward’s (the winner) recollections:  It was Labor Day and I wanted to take a few friends sailing in my Thistle—there was an approaching storm but I thought we had an hour or two of wild wind before the storm arrived and my crew, who had never been sailing before, all agreed we should go out.  After reaching back and forth across … Read More

2020 HSC Awards

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Our annual Awards Banquet was replaced this year with a presentation ceremony on the porch of the clubhouse, Sunday, October 18, after racing. It was a delightful time spent with friends and family. Our Master of Ceremonies Jeff Clark put no less effort into this casual event than any of our formal banquets. His performance of The Quarantine Rag is … Read More

Racing Report

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Your fleet racing representatives agreed to a few changes to the HSC Racing Rules for 2019, including: reducing the restricted area around the starting line from 25 yards to 50 feet (requires math!), specifying use of the Interlake class flag for the third start, replacing pursuit race skippers meetings with the posting of start times and selected wind range by … Read More