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April Seminars Kick Off 2016 Season

jamie-jones-skip-dieballOn Wednesday, April 20, Skip Dieball & Jamie Jones will present a Rules & Tactics event for our members. These guys are both great and entertaining presenters. As a bonus, Skip will talk about his recent experiences at the Etchells World Championship last November, in Hong Kong.

Skip won the championship in what is probably one of the most prestigious fleets around today. This seminar is an event that club members don’t want to miss.

On Wednesday, April 13 and 27, Jamie Jones will lead seminars about Race Management. We will also dedicate some time during the first event on safety issues. We’ll talk about the proper way to rescue capsized boats and more importantly the crew. If we need to spend more time on safety and rescue we’ll incorporate that into the event on the 27. We’ll have dinner and refreshments available for a small donation to Junior Sailing for the Wednesday events. If your fleet needs more people capable of running races make sure you send them to one or all of these events. If you just want to brush up on some skills I guarantee that you’ll learn something valuable from these seminars.

Sunday May 1 at 11 am is Tarps Off Day. If you haven’t taken your winter cover off and stepped your mast yet this is a great date to circle on your calendar. There will be plenty of people from your fleet and the club to help you get going. This is also a good opportunity for help with rigging issues and the like. At 1:45 we’ll run a bunch of practice starts followed by racing at 2:45.

One of the big goals for 2016 is to ramp up participation. Last year our Wednesday evening sailing was really well attended. Part of the success is probably the “Blake Burgers” and beer after sailing. People hung around and turned Wednesdays into an event. We’d like to to have a burgers and beer after Sunday racing at least once per month starting in May. The first Sunday burgers and beer event is May 15.

There will be an additional start added to our sequence this year. It will be a JAM (Jib and Main Only) start. This start will be the 5th one right after the Interlake start. This idea behind this JAM start is to provide a less intimidating environment for newer sailors to become familiar to racing. We will ait has been proventing the “Bingham Box” into the starting sequence on the Committee Boat. This box will operate all of the horns automatically with the initial flip of a switch. All the RC crew will have to do is operate the flags. The “Bingham Box” was used over the past winter for the Frostbite Series so we know it works.