Fleets - Thistle

Thistle Fleet 126

17-ft Thistles perform extremely well in light wind and their hulls and large sail plans allow them to plane in winds as low as 12 knots. Designed in northern Ohio in 1945 by Gordon “Sandy” Douglass, Thistles were originally built utilizing the innovative molded plywood technique, a technology developed in WW II (PT Boats, Infantry Gliders) and are now manufactured in fiberglass. Thistles are generally raced with a three person crew but can be raced with two in lighter winds. Hiking straps are permitted, but a trapeze is not. The class is family friendly and competition within the class is keen enough for any sailor. Thistles are currently built in Sunbury, OH and Jacksonville, FL and carry a mainsail, jib, and spinnaker.

Learn more at the official Thistle Class website or email the Fleet Captain.