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The Harvest Moon regatta at Atwood Lake is one that you all should try to go to next year.  I think we had 18 MCs, including 4 from Cowan, Surge from the Cleveland area. I represented HSC.  There were at least two women and one junior racing!  That was awesome! I’m happy to report I won. Surge was 2nd, Bruce More 3rd and Mike Keenan was 5th

Saturday we were all the way down the lake, kind of short courses but I thought they were fine.  The starting line was really long so it was a challenge to figure out what zip code to start in . . . Winds were probably 10-12, I am guessing.  Enough so I had to hike hard and travel down.  Surge, Mike and Bruce were all really fast and always at the top, a few others were there but I didn’t pay enough attention to who they were, I felt I was always watching my back.  The fleet was strong enough that one mistake and you would get passed.  We did 4 races then had a 3-hour sail back to the club.  (Not really but it was a long down wind trip back).

Sunday the breeze was expected to be honking, turned out not to be that much.  Again, I am guessing it was 15-20, I thought right on the edge of canceling the races, but again just a guess.  Several of the boats doubled up and were really fast.  Surge and Bruce both won a race by a good margin and were both wicked fast!

I think the Atwood YC is a really nice facility.  The lake is actually fun to sail on.  Breeze can be shifty but that is inland lakes.  I plan to go next year and I hope you all consider going as well.

Don’t forget Cowan in a few weeks, I heard a lot of folks talking about going this past weekend.

MC Season Race Results

by Mark Wolf

There are only four Sundays remaining in this racing season. For the year, with 66 races raced, and your best 33 races counted, here are the standings.

1) Pace (638)
2) White (524)
3) Blake (450)
4) Sun (432)
5) Wade (405)
6) Huling (309)
7) Vasulka (244)
8) Lohner (217)
9) Clark (208)
10) M.Fisher (184)
11) Lonsdale (171)
12) Wolf (154)
13) Rendina (131)
14) Keenan (100)
15) Keller (89)
16) Basford (73)
17) Thomas (71)
18) S. Fisher (66)
19) Fogle (56)
20) Bingham (43)
21) Graves (32)
22) Bregel (25)
23) Smith (23)
24) Stetson (16)
25) Tyndall (8)
26) Andrew (2)