Scot Spot

Marty SweiterlichFleet News, Leadline

I want to thank everyone who volunteered to assist with the Past Commodore’s Steak Roast. Joyce Lohner and I are both very appreciative of the way the Flying Scot folks stepped up.   Staffing the PCSR is a fleet obligation. Each fleet is assigned to cover an event, such as the holiday potlucks (which hopefully will be revived next season).  These are club obligations and are in addition to fleet obligations such as RC duty and staffing the FS Regatta each year.

And while I am in the “thanking” business, let me also thank everyone who has completed their RC duty this year and those who will do so yet this season. It is an obligation of membership along with our coverage of the PCSR.  We have been working at training some new PRO’s and I am encouraged that we will have a slightly larger pool next season.  Scott Stephen, our Race Chair, has masterfully juggled the scheduling all season and we have covered our required slots. If you were slated to have training on the Committee boat and have not yet completed it, there are still opportunities. The MC Scow fleet in particular is happy to take on a trainee and I am sure other fleets would do so as well.  Even if you do not become a PRO the experience will inform and improve your work on a safety boat by giving you a better understanding of how the race management works—an “insiders” view.

Changing subjects, we have not had a FS event other than the regatta this season. If there is an appetite for a cruise with a picnic yet this fall please let me know. I will be sending out an email suggesting a date and time. We just have a few more weeks of beautiful fall sailing to get out on the water and enjoy.  The fleet can cover the beverages and some pizza. We would be mostly outdoors and masked up for any indoor work. Also, I am hoping we can have a Christmas Party this year at someone’s home but that remains to be seen. The virus is still with us and surging, and puts even the vaccinated at risk, so it is hard to know when indoor gatherings will be safe. I am just staying optimistic (and I need to get rid of my nautical white elephants in our gift exchange!)