Look! No Sh!t

Peter RothmanLeadline, Member Announcements

In August I had the opportunity to go to northern Illinois and the house we stayed in was on the water.  There is a chain of 5 lakes, bunches of homes on the water and numerous marinas, all powerboats, but for now I’ll let that go. The water is too shallow for sailboats. The biggest thing I noticed, being the Docks chair, was lots of geese and ducks BUT no goose sh!t on the docks.  At least not on the docks with flags.

So when I got home I did some searching for marina advertising flags or something like that and ending up here. https://www.doripole.com/bird-deterrent/

From the Dori Pole web page: “Many of our users are reporting how effective they have found Dori Pole as a bird deterrent. From keeping geese off their dock to preventing birds from congregating near their boat, we’ve learned that people are using their Dori Pole pennant flags as a scarecrow to deter geese, ducks and other nuisance birds. And, while we can’t guarantee results in every case, we’ve heard enough of our customers rave about the results that we’ve decided to offer a dedicated bird deterrent kit in our online shop.  In our bird deterrent kit, you’ll find a 14 foot long pennant and a 19 foot long pole, as this is the combination that we’ve heard yields the best results.”

So off I went with this great idea to the HSC Board of Governors aka BOG Meeting and shared my idea of buying maybe 4 of these and trying it out. Only $248.90 a pole with mount and two color flag. There was a grumbling sound being heard down a table or so, so I asked what’s up?  Steve Lavender said, “Hmm, I can make that.”  Seems somebody brought a laptop and that end of the room was looking at the specs while I was giving my presentation.  “Fine.” I said, “have at it.” I had swept the Mooring Dock a number of times and we‘ve had a good amount of rain.

Two days later I’m on the front porch of the club house and I noticed a flag pole and flag at the end of the Mooring dock.  I walk down to inspect and what do you know, No Sh!t!

Steve, great work!!!!  Our version is about $23, made with an old spinnaker, and appears to work great.

NOTE: Goose string is still needed on the Ramp Dock and “I” or Main Dock, so as not to tangle in spars and shrouds. So please put the string back up after sailing. We are currently experimenting with placing a flag or two at the end of the “I” dock.