HSC Branded Apparel Available for Purchase

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Westerville based J.C. Manny Co. has created an online store for HSC branded apparel and merchandise, including shirts, jackets, and hats.  These will make great gifts.  Items with the embroidered HSC pendant will be available all the time for individuals to order.  Thus, if you want one hat, you can order it at any time.  J.C. Manny will make and send it directly to you.

To purchase your merchandise visit:  


It can also be accessed from the HSC “Members” webpage:

Great Idea for Fleets  

We will offer screen printed items via special sales at future dates.  Items that require screen printing will not be available for one-off orders due to set-up cost. We can have several special orders throughout the year.  If a fleet or HSC group wants to have special shirts for a regatta or other occasion, they can setup a special sale.  People would just go to the site to order.  

Questions?  Contact Publicity Chairperson Dave Smith  admin@os-homes.com