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Ok…this is not about grounds, but rather a possible solution to the annual water in gas problem we get…pay attention if you buy or use or store the HSC gasoline.

Until early September, the gas totes in the gas locker were in the right hand side, with the innermost centered under the seam between the two covers.  See photo below. See the yellow?  That is a nozzle, nearly vertical, just waiting to catch some rain.  Rain slowly accumulates in the totes over the summer, then goes into the gas cans and then into boat motors!  This eventually leads to rescue boats unusable plus expensive carburetor repairs.

Ground Wasps

The gas lockers had been placed on timbers on top of gravel. The timbers began to rot, attracting a large nest of angry wasps that recently caused a number of painful stings.

The wasp nest has been treated and the timbers need to go.  I’m looking for a volunteer with 30 minutes of free time and a chain saw to render these timbers into disposable chunks…just leave them there….grounds will move them.  The locker will be placed on concrete again to elevate it off the gravel.

The Gate

And the gate, it is sticking near full open, and may be sagging near full closed.  The installer, Guardian Gate, will be assessing it.