Club Racing Winds Down after a Great Summer

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August Pursuit Race

Over the past several years, the Pursuit Race has been held one Wednesday night per month (May-August).  It has gained popularity with as many as 28 boats participating in a single evening. The current pursuit race format provides great opportunity to compete with every class of boat at HSC.  This handicapped system takes into account the design and speed of each class design, so at the end of the one-hour race, it is often a very, very close finish between fleets.  The best 3 of 4 races throughout the year determines the HSC Club Champion.  If you haven’t yet tried the pursuit race—and even if you have—plan to join us next season on Wednesday nights for great racing, burgers on the grill and the opportunity to meet and hang out with sailors from a variety of fleets.  Top 5 Pursuit Race finishers for the month of August are:

  1. Jeff Tyndall/Rob Kerr – Interlake (featured in photo above)
  2. Mark White/Lisa Kreischer – Interlake
  3. Steve Lavender and Bob McNitt (tie) – Thistle
  4. Don Bacharowski/Diana Kuiper – Interlake
Recent Past Club Champions
  • Richard Blake 2015 – MC Scow
  • Steve Lavender 2016 – Thistle
  • Jeff Tyndall 2017 – Interlake
  • Mark White and Lisa K 2018 and 2019 (Interlake
  • Steve Lavender 2020 – Thistle

Be sure to attend the Awards Celebration, to be held at the club on Sunday October 24 after the races to see who takes The Cup for 2021. 

Labor Day Holiday Series

As often happens, the no wind doldrums of August pivot to a nice windy weekend for our Labor Day Holiday series. Saturday was about 12-15mph plus out of the West had the Flying Scot Race Committee taking the fleet around triangles with nice close reaching legs. Sunday was windier with the highest gusts at +20mph (recorded at the airport) occurring right at the start of the 1st race, instead of later in the afternoon, as is more typical. Luckily, the winds diminished to a more reasonable 15mph for the 2nd and 3rd races. It was thrilling racing for the nearly 20 boats on the line, you had to stay alert! It was fun afterwards too!

Holiday Series Winners
  • Flying Scot – Stephanie Bahr & Marty Sweterlitsch
  • Interlake – Mark White/Lisa Kreischer
  • MC Scow – Brian Pace
  • Thistle – Steve Lavender & crew
  • Windmill – Simon & Jacob Pennels