A Hail from the Rail

Ann JonesFleet News, Hoover Sailing Club, Leadline

Please welcome new members Richard McKee and Beth Crane, who own Thistle #993, an absolutely gorgeous wood boat!

Congratulations To Labor Day Holiday Series Winners
  1. Bob McNitt
  2. Steve Lavender
  3. Bill Miller
  4. Clyde Findley
  5. Mike McBride

Also, thanks to Leo Hoar and the McBrides for serving and cleanup on Labor Day Sunday Holiday picnic!

Hornet Alert

The last time I did race committee a swarm of hornets flew out of the gas can locker and attacked several of us. Then last Sunday, I was sitting on the back porch and noticed a hornet crawling into my Coca Cola. Apparently it decided to go for better stuff; because when I took a sip of my Guinness, it was already swimming around in the bottle. After it stung my tongue, I spat it out upon the ground and stomped upon it—HARD! I had to head home and overdose on Benadryl right away. That hornet abruptly brought my day to a screeching halt—imagine if you will that you are looking forward to the last little sip of your beer and instead encounter pain and punishment! Sometimes life just isn’t fair! (Thanks for letting me rant—my tongue is better now.)

Regatta Reports

Berlin Kickoff Regatta – 12 boats participated in 5 races. Winners included:

1. Finefrock
2. Shedden
3. McBride/McNitt

Atwood Harvest Moon Regatta – 18 boats did 5 races. Hoover was well represented by Mike McBride who placed eighth, and David Schworm who came in tenth with son Reed and Bob McNitt crewing.

Cowan Lake Regatta – Steve Lavender represented us at that one!

Thistle Districts – Fleet Captain Mike McBride described the September 18 and 19 Thistle Districts at Sandusky Sailing Club as follows: This was a “clean” regatta in the tradition of Sailors for the Sea, which meant that we furnished our own eating and drinking utensils and picked up after ourselves to leave the area pristine. Twenty-one boats sailed a total of four races in somewhat light breezes for Sandusky which still means you really wanted 3 crew so you could hold the boat down.  The winners are as follows:

    1. Fred Hunger    
    2. Ben France
    3. Craig Koschalk 
    4. Stu Fisher
    6. Tom Hubbell
    10. Mike McBride with Kim Pasley & Bob McNitt
    15. Steve Lavender with Rachel and Erin
    21. David Schworm with son Reed crewing

Our Lake Erie Districts were held in September because 2022 Thistle Nationals are planned for Jacksonville, Florida in late springtime.   

  •  9/18 & 19 LAKE ERIE DISTRICTS, Sandusky Sailing Club. This will be a “clean regatta”, per Sailors for the Sea website, so bring your own utensils and pick up your trash!
  •  9/25 Dornin Memorial, Pymatuming, PA
  •  10/2 & 3 Icebreaker, Crescent Sail Yacht Club, MI
  •  10/9 North Cape Blowout, Monroe, MI
  •  10/10 4:30pm HSC meeting at HSC about Alum Creek
  •  10/16 Alum Creek Speed Trials
  •  10/17 HSC Sunday Race Committee
  •  10/23 Thistle Fall Finale, HSC (formerly Last Splash)  Revised Date
  •  10/24 HSC Sunday Racing, followed by Awards Presentation
  •  10/30 8AM HSC Docks Out, followed by Annual Meeting & Election

LOOKING AT THE LAKE – The water is going to evaporate, we will probably discover and collide with new islands, and it may not smell too terrific, so let’s come on out and sail while we still can. SEE YOU ON THE WATER!