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Mark WhiteFleet News, Leadline

The MC Scow 50th National Championship was held July 25-27 at Clear Lake Yacht Club in Iowa.  I’ve put together a summary below with input from Richard Blake, Matt Fisher, Mike Keenan and Ted Keller, who attended.  

Shortest summary: Day one, no breeze, no racing.  Day two, no breeze and rain, one sad race in 3-5, big storm, 20-30 mph that resulted in 17 of the 119 competitors capsizing.  They quit for the day.  Day three, no breeze, no racing. So, one race over 3 days, in a traditionally windy venue, does not constitute an official regatta.  The RC did everything they could.  There were no other times in the three days that had room for a race. Perpetual trophies could not be awarded. 

Fortunately, the off-the-water social events were five-star!  It was a well-organized regatta with two great social events. Friday was at the Surf Ballroom, which is a good size bar and stage (where Buddy Holley played his last gig before his plane crashed a few miles away.)  It was a lot of fun.

Back home at HSC, MCs have been very active in our club racing.  For the year, with 46 races raced, and each skipper’s best 23 races counted, here are the standings:

  1. Pace (426)
  2. Blake (370)
  3. White (336)
  4. Sun (289)
  5. Wade (275)
  6. Huling (196)
  7. Vasulka (190)
  8. Lohner (146)
  9. Fisher (136)
  10. Lonsdale (131)
  11. Wolf (101)
  12. Rendina (85)
  13. Clark (84)
  14. Basford (71)
  15. Keller (57)
  16. Keenan (46)
  17. Thomas (37)
  18. S. Fisher (34)
  19. Fogle (30)
  20. Bingham (29)
  21. Bregel (25)
  22. Smith (23)
  23. Stetson (16)
  24. Graves (15)
  25. Tyndall (8)
  26. Andrew (2)

The fleet has had nice growth this year with John Bregel, Lindsey Hamilton, Mark Presley and Seth Metcalf joining our fleet and Charlie Vasulka upgrading to a newer boat.  
Note: The photo above is from an MC Regatta, just not the 2021 Nationals.