Ted ThomasLeadline, Leadline Club News

As we move past the peak of the season . . . fall is forthcoming.  The grounds team of 30+ volunteers has been busy keeping grounds clean, orderly, and as clear of weeds as possible . . . when it is not raining.  Plans are being made for a fall painting of the flagpole, minor repairs to the Caley bridge, repairs to and painting of our green dock stairways, all while trying to keep some order to our boat storage. 

Recently, we have had an invasion of stinging insects.  On behalf of the safety of club members, please keep food and especially sweets closed up/disposed of when you are not eating.

Club Rules

About once a year, it becomes necessary to remind everyone that ALL of the boats onsite are either club or privately owned boats, and not available to rent or even to “borrow” for personal use.  Several kayaks have been “borrowed” without permission and one Opti was out last Sunday . . . please NO repeats.

Similarly, your guests can only be here if you are present and dogs are not allowed.  Please review your HSC Club Directory for a host of rules, developed over the years to keep our club looking nice and running well. 

Gratitude for all the Help

As Grounds Chair, I am grateful for the swell grounds volunteers and all they do for the club.  I do contrast our club occasionally to the very successful US sailing center in Jensen Beach, where I hang my hat in winter.  It is one of the best-known training centers in the country, and yet here we sit with 3 x the number of boats, much more parking, many more regattas, constant use of the sailing facilities for nearly 9 months (their season is really more like 5 months), a successful junior racing team, and hundreds of new sailors moving thru training each year.  Both HSC and USSC are quite remarkably successful, and that success depends on the efforts of countless volunteers. Thank you.