Fleet Racing Report

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We are coming up to the final Pursuit Race on Wednesday, August 18th. Once we have four Pursuit races completed we will tally the scores a drop the worst finish of the 4. I haven’t considered all of the people that may have sailed different boats but it looks like the leaders are currently as follows. 

1 Steve Lavender/Thistle
2 Mark White/Interlake
3 Jeff Tyndal/Interlake
4 Stuart/Matt Fisher/Thistle
5 Clark Wade/MC Scow

These aren’t official results. Everything can change once the last race is finished. 

Labor Day Events

Please consider spending some of your Labor Day weekend at the club.  Race in the Holiday series or bring the family for a BYO picnic dinner around 5 pm on Sunday, September 5.  Racing starts at 1:45 p.m.

  • Sep. 5  Labor Day Holiday Series
  • Sep. 6  Labor Day Holiday Series & awards

July Pursuit Winners