Clubhouse & Grounds Update

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These unused, unidentified, and unwanted kayaks need a happy home. Make your best offer to Ted Thomas at by July 12.

Ted Thomas
Grounds chair

Please Clean the Kitchen

Hoover Sailing Club DOES NOT have hired kitchen help.  This is why we are each responsible for cleaning up after ourselves when we use the kitchen and picnic tables.

After you use the facilities, please:

  • Take home any unused food.
  • Thoroughly wash, dry, and put away any dishes that you used.
  • Wipe up the counter and tables that you used.
  • Take your trash to the dumpsters in the parking lot and replace the trash can liners.

It doesn’t take long to leave the clubhouse in usable condition for the next person. Please do your share and clean up, throw out, and take home.

If you would like information on how to reserve the clubhouse for your group visit

Joyce Lohner & Chad Headlee
Social & House Chairpersons