Laser Therapy All Winter Long

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Just a quick shout out to Past Commodore Steve Lavender (Thistle 3893/Laser) for leading weekly therapy sessions all winter long for members of a group of sailors who just can’t get enough sailing during the regular season.  (In the rest of the sailing world it’s called frostbiting.)  The merry band of sailors call themselves Sail-Aholics in Lasers, S.A.i.L.  for short.  … Read More

Scow Scoop

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MC Midwinters were held at Lake Eustis, FL March 12-14. Hoover MC fleet #54 sailors Clark Wade, Richard Blake, Mike Keenan and I made the trip south.  Hoover alum Surge Vanderhorst and his son Jack were also in attendance. To give a quick snapshot of the health of the MC class, there were 85 boats registered, representing 18 states.  The … Read More

A Hail from the Rail

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THE SEASON KICK-OFF Fleet Captain Mike McBride wrote that on Sunday, April 11, “Despite the dire weather prediction, 2 Thistles came down to the Club and set up their masts. 4 Thistles competed in racing. How is this possible? We competed in Lasers! It was 50 degrees and blowing 15-20 from the south. We were the only boats on the … Read More

Windmill Cove Revisited

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Yes, it is that time of year when Windmillers spring into action to ready Windmill Cove for the 2021 sailing season. With watertight drums, restored decking and tightened straps, the rejuvenated rafts are at the ready for their aqueous duty.  One by one, they are carefully positioned into the Cove adjacent to the metal access stairs; then fastidiously bolted together … Read More

Upcoming 2021 Spring Events

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Here are a few important upcoming dates to note.  For all HSC happenings check pages 3-6 of your HSC Directory or visit our online EVENTS calendar at RACE MANAGEMENT SEMINARThursday, May 6, 6:30 – 9 PM by Zoom It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been sailing or racing, you can always learn something new. Jamie Jones will conduct a … Read More