The Grounds Look Great

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A hearty thanks to all who took part in the spring cleanup of the club grounds.  About 40% of the grounds committee had a role, and we were well aided by 6 or so young people from OSU sailing team.  The rafts folks did a bang-up job of site cleanup.  A lot of labor has gone into cleaning out the southwest corner of the WDL. We have identified 107 tires and 26 barrels for repurposing, and the waste raft is gone.  Old tires and barrels will be disposed of in an environmentally safe way.  The tires remaining on the docks have had holes drilled in the bottom to eliminate standing water.  Thanks to Peter Rothman, Docks Chair and the Docks crew. 

Wait until you see the place!  Traffic bumpers are being painted.  Fences repaired.  Ann Jones renewed the playground warning sign.  The fort in the playground has been substantially reinforced and a new balance beam and stepping stones have been added to activities.  John Church has designed a new latch lock (to be built) for the entry gate, and a better gate stop is under consideration. And finally, summer routine grounds maintenance assignments are underway and the garbage removal and mowing agreements are in place.

RUB Lot (Rarely Used Boats) Cleanup—We Need Your Help

Clearing out unclaimed/unpaid trailers and boats from the RUB lot is a normal part of our Spring-cleaning at HSC.  Two trailers and three boats have been identified that have not paid for storage and we don’t know who owns them.  They are shown in the pictures below.  Per the club’s official policy, the BOG has asked me to try to identify who owns them by email and then this final notification via Leadline.  They need to be identified and arrangements made for payment of storage or removed.  If they are still unclaimed on May 1st we will declare them abandoned and will dispose of them or auction them off.  Please contact me at if you are the owner or know who is.