Goose Line . . . No Goose Poop—Please Help

Lisa KreischerHoover Sailing Club, Leadline, Leadline Club News

Seems like the Canadian geese (they’re really all from Canton), have been holding it in all winter until we launched our docks. The good news is our GPM (goose poop management) system is in place, i.e., the goose string is installed and it works great to keep geese from getting on the docks.  However, it only works when it’s up.  It’s easy to take it down to make launching and landing safe and trip-free.  

What we ask you is if you’re the last one off the dock or at the end of Sunday and Wednesday night racing you see it down, PLEASE, PLEASE take 5 minutes to put it back up.  Kinda like locking the gate if you’re the last one to leave.  And thanks in advance!