A Hail from the Rail

Ann JonesFleet News, Hoover Sailing Club, Leadline


Fleet Captain Mike McBride wrote that on Sunday, April 11, “Despite the dire weather prediction, 2 Thistles came down to the Club and set up their masts. 4 Thistles competed in racing. How is this possible? We competed in Lasers! It was 50 degrees and blowing 15-20 from the south. We were the only boats on the lake. A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL!”

WE PARTIED HEARTY! The turnout was great, the food was delicious, the beer flowed freely, we paid our $5 fleet dues, vetoed  Amendment 53, chose our Race Committee dates and approved last year’s racing results, which were: Sunday, 1. Lavender; 2. Miller; 3. McBride; 4. McNitt; 5. Findley; 6. Schworm; 7. Jones/Gallagher; 8. Harnish. 9. Church/Tyndall;10.  Ward, and 11. Hubbell, and Wednesday, 1. Lavender; 2. Schworm; 3. McNitt; 4. Findley; 5. McBride; 6. Jones/Gallagher; 7. Miller; 8. Hubbell, and 9. Harnish.

NEWS FLASH – Clyde & Diane Findley will return from their winter place in Ft. Myers on Tuesday, April 27, and they plan to bring summer weather with them!


  • May 5 – HSC Wednesday night racing starts
  • May 8 – Saturday, “Wet Your Thistle” Regatta, Hoover
  • May 15 – Saturday, Damfull Regatta, Leatherlips Yacht Club
  • June 5&6 – Sa&Su, Lake Erie District Championship, Edgewater Yacht Club
  • July 17&18 – Sa&Su, Great Lakes Championship, North Cape Yacht Club, Monroe, MI
  • July 31-August 6 – 75th Thistle Nationals, Cleveland Yachting Club, Rocky River, OH


THE WATER IS COLD.  The water temperature last week was still 44º and 40º is considered Very Dangerous at  What is Cold Water?  So at this time of year wear appropriate clothing, life jackets, perhaps a wet suit, a towel and a change of clothes including underwear. If you are on race committee, prioritize saving people over saving boats!

REAPPLY SUNSCREEN when you take your mask down so your nose, cheeks and chin don’t get sunburned. Keep sunscreen in the boat so it’s handy!

A WORD TO THE WISE – Spring and fall are the seasons when things happen fast out on the water. Be sure to keep clothes for all conditions in your car. Get a current weather prediction (including the wind), and don’t go out in conditions beyond your ability. Remember, if you can’t control yourself and your boat, you might endanger others, including those who need to rescue you. Plan to go out on fairly calm days until you get your sea legs. If the wind kicks up suddenly, just go in, tie up, you don’t have to be a hero, and we don’t want to lose you! Sailing is supposed to be fun, so let’s keep it that way.