Important Grounds News

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New & Improved Gate

Thanks to the HSC Planning and Projects committee for the new gate.  The gate has been relocated 10 feet back to allow for a longer space to pull into and the best part is that this baby is so easy to slide…it’s a one finger effort!  Really! So, please open and close it gently and cautiously. Too much push/pull and someone could get hurt, or the latch could be damaged.  In fact, it works so smoothly, that in the 30 mph westerly on Monday, a member saw the gate closing on its own! 

Resurfacing West Dry Lot March 29

Do NOT move your boat from storage to the Western Dry Lot (WDL) until Wednesday, March 31 or later! Once the docks are off the WDL, March 29 and 30 our Docks Chairperson, Ted Thomas has arranged for the west dry lot (WDL) to be resurfaced on Monday.  See WDL below. This will allow the compacted gravel to be exposed and level out the low spots.  The work area MUST be clear to proceed.  While it is a bit inconvenient for those who like to migrate boats immediately after Docks In, there is no other time when the WDL can be made clear. 

Additional grounds improvement projects are in the planning stages, including playground improvements, Caley bridge reinforcement, overgrown foliage removed, surplus barrels and tires removed, and more.