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It has been a long hard 12 months but some of the brightest spots of the last year for me were the days I spent out on the water in Helga. Against all odds we had a sailing season last year. Hard to believe but we are just weeks away for launching the docks and our boats will soon follow.  You will get the usual information in this newsletter and from Lisa Aspery about Docks In and how we plan to open the club safely. Be on the lookout for that information.

Also be on the lookout for Race Committee information from Scot Stephen, our new FS Race Committee member. Tom Fee, Club Race Chair, held a meeting on Valentine’s Day with Fleet captains and RC representatives to discuss the calendar that will be published in the directory. Flying Scot Race days and volunteer opportunities will arrive from Scot Stephen shortly if they have not already shown up in your mailbox.  Just a reminder, everyone is required to serve on race committee at some point during the season either as a PRO or on a safety boat. You are required to arrange for your own helper and no one under age 16 can drive a safety boat.

Put this date on your calendar for the near future:

May 15 and 16 Buckeye Regatta – we are hoping to be able to host the Buckeye Regatta this year. It is traditionally the first regatta in our district, and it takes the entire fleet to put it on. There is plenty of work planning menu and prizes, shopping and preparing food. We are also hoping we can have the Saturday night dinner and everyone one of you can come and enjoy it even if you don’t choose to race.

Finally, I am looking for a day in April for a Flying Scot Masts Up session. I have the Master Helper (see link below) for raising masts single-handed and without lifting and have ordered several more sets of the loops that have to be installed on your boat (an easy process that does not require anything other than a screwdriver) if you don’t already have eye straps in the appropriate places.  If you prefer to raise your mast the old-fashioned way, still plan to do it with the group so we have plenty of help, not to mention beverage and snacks!

You may be interested in check out Flying Scot Master Helper .

Flying Scot Mast Raising System
The MasterHelper is an innovative mast raising system for the Flying Scot that makes it possible for anyone to step a Flying Scot mast.  Click on the images below for more details.  For more information send an email to

Hope everyone is well. On the day of this writing I am getting my second vaccine shot. Finally, a true benefit of being old, other than not getting old of course! Hoping that all of you get similarly protected very soon.