Putting Some Youth in Your Race Committee

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Check out this great article that Jamie Jones wrote for US Sailing, and also to be published in the Great Lakes Scuttlebutt.  He outlines his efforts over the past few years to get youth sailors involved in running races, not just sailing in them.  Jamie’s program really gives kids an appreciation for sailboat racing from the other side.   Traditionally, youth sailors do not have any exposure to the difficulties of setting a good square course and handling starts, finishes and scoring.  They learn that it’s harder than it looks and should increase their respect for RC committees.  It also pays us dividends since we’re building our “PRO muscle” here at HSC.   It’s a great reminder of how lucky we are at HSC to have someone of Jamie’s national standing lead our Sail Instruction and Youth Sailing programs.    

Click here to read US Sailing article : Putting Some Youth in Your Race Committee