2021 Junior Race Team

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Hello all, I am Nate Ireland, the new Junior Racing Team (JRT) Chair for 2021. I’m taking over for Scott Savage, who did an admirable job implementing a Covid plan while maneuvering our JRT through a difficult year. The 2020 team was not able to compete in a typical traveling season, but was resourceful enough to have a successful experience none-the-less. The schedule for 2021 looks to return to the traveling season of old with 11 regattas on the books. The kids will get to experience venues with different sailing conditions ranging from inland lakes at our own Hoover regatta, Buckeye Lake, and Cowan, to big water racing on Lake Erie at North Cape Yacht Club in Michigan, Cleveland, Vermillion, Mentor, and Erie, PA as well as Championships at Put-In-Bay and Sandusky. We will also have the opportunity to attend the always educational USA Junior Olympics Sailing Festival featuring high level coaching and a fun atmosphere for all skill levels.

Juniors are ages 8 through18 who have some sailing experience. They race single-handed boats, both Optis and Lasers, double-handed 420’s, and three-person sloop racing in Thistles. In addition to competition, JRT is also about camaraderie, athletic skills, leadership, and sportsmanship. We have a great group of experienced coaches all lined up who look forward to helping our juniors develop a lifelong interest in sailing and racing. The JRT applications were just sent out to last year’s group and a few others that have expressed interest to me already.  If you know of a junior sailor feel free to send me an email or feel free to contact me with any questions about JRT.