The State of High School Sailing & Fall 2020 Awards

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What a great season we had despite everything 2020 has thrown at us! Think back to March when everything spring was canceled. Think to May when summer JRT was canceled and Learn to Sail was severely limited. Now think to August at the High School open house when we kicked off our season with 53 kids on the water and at least double that number at our parents meeting. I look at that and think to myself that we couldn’t have done it without the commitment and cooperation of all of us here in the parking lot. For that, your coaching staff and I thank you!

We had an amazing season on the water this fall too. Just to put it in perspective:

  • We took over 1100 temperatures this fall (4300 for the whole year!)
  • We had 25 sailing days for our kids this fall: 18 practice days and 7 regattas. 

Several of our sailors came to just about everything they could. I knew I could count on our core group of 15 to show up every time there was something going on, and it’s not surprising that we’ll recognize many of them this evening with our Buckeye Cup team trophies.

Fun Facts

  • We added 22 new sailors to our program as first year HS Sailors (5 from Thomas and 4 from North!)
  • We have 62 kids enrolled from 17 different schools in our program!
  • Our program has transitioned from a middle school heavy program to a 9-12 heavy program, which sets us up perfectly for our Spring championship season.

One thing we can all agree on is the level of competition improving through the season. We documented real improvement from many of our teams and with a little help in recruiting these teams will be a force to be reckoned with! Whether it’s our 8 graduating seniors or our 14 middle school sailors or anyone in between, the coaches are proud of each and every one of our sailors, for their accomplishments, for their willingness to follow our COVID rules and most importantly, their ability to be great teammates to each other.

2020 Buckeye Trophy

The 2020 Buckeye Trophy is our Fall Championship recognizing consistency and excellence on the water during the 5 regattas hosted between Hoover and Leatherlips. We had 17 Central Ohio teams qualify for the event by scoring results in at least 3 of the 5 events, and going into the last event, we had a tie at the top of the standings with close racing mixed into the standings for sure.

We recognized our top 5 teams at a parking lot awards presentation at the end of the season.

5th Place: Olentangy Mixed with consistent top 6 finishes in 4 of the 5 events they sailed in:

  • Graham Newbauer
  • Campbell Goh,
  • Liam Rodriguez
  • Aiden Rodriguez
  • Bella Boetcher
  • Brice Ray

4th Place: Westerville North Varsity with 4 top 5 finishes:

  • Brendan Smucker
  • Sam Heighway
  • Fisher Howe
  • Alex Hedrick
  • Brinn Faulkner
  • Sami York

3rd Place: Olentangy Orange Varsity with 3 top 2 finishes (counting a DNS at the first Leatherlips Event):

  • Mason Shaw
  • Molly Jones
  • Ben Keller
  • Jacob Pennels    

2nd Place, New Albany Eagles with 4 top 3 finishes:

  • Beylen Gode
  • Thomas Ellis
  • Matthew Fu
  • John Sullivan
  • Jed Lory
  • Abby Cole

And finally, our 2020 Buckeye Trophy Champion: Olentangy Liberty Varsity, a true team effort with top 3 finishes in all 5 events, in fact, only finishing out of the top 3 in division 3 times all season:

  • Emma Friedauer
  • Will Bruner
  • Porter Martin and
  • Brady Smith

We are looking forward to getting together again in the spring to do it all over again!