Commodore’s Comments

Steve LavenderCommodore Comments, Hoover Sailing Club, Leadline

The docks are out, the season is done,
Unless you’re frostbiting, where the season has just begun.
It was an interesting year to say the least,
As we continued to sail despite the Covid beast.
A beast, may or may not be how you think of it,
But no matter what you call it, we are all tired of this *hit.
It has chewed up our lives in so many ways,
And taken so many from us, before the end of their days.

Helping us through, were the days that we sailed,
Given so many other parts of our lives were curtailed.
Engaging in some races helped us step away from the news,
And for a few hours, escape the Covid blues.
At the end of each day as we came ashore,
Many of us were thinking we should do this some more.
Sailing also gave us a chance to catch up with our friends,
It’s too bad the season has come to an end.
And while the season may be done,
At least we can clearly see that 2020 did include some fun.
Special thanks go to the board members and as well as everyone,
Who did what was needed to help the club run.
Let us hope that next year Covid will be a thing of the past,
And life will return to normal, at last.