2020 Sportsmanship Awards

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Sportswoman Award

The HSC Sportswoman Award is presented annually to a woman who shows outstanding service to the club and the sport of one-design sailboat racing.  She should show true sportsmanship both on and off the water.  Past recipients decide who receives this award each year.  Last year’s recipient Stephanie Headlee presented the award.

While 2020 has been crazy, to say the least, this year’s recipient stayed her normal course and showed excellence both on and off the water.  Before I read her history of sailing, which will quickly give her away, l would like to announce that this year’s award goes to Kimberly Pasley.

When Kimberly was quite young, she used to play on the bow tank of the family Thistle while her dad raced at Hoover. She learned very quickly to duck during tacks. 

As she got older, she participated in the Hoover junior program. She moved up to lasers when she was still quite small. At risk of giving away her age—they didn’t have radials back then. So she was out there in a full rig laser as a kid, competing against the big high schoolers. In light air, she would often beat them. Kimberly would go on to be a sailing instructor and won the Ripple Award in 1991.

Somewhere in there, she crewed on a Highlander to good result and went on to participate on the Sailing Team at Connecticut College. She then ran a sailing program in Nahant, MA, and sailed keelboats out of Marblehead, MA. She met her future husband (Mike McBride, current HSC Thistle Fleet Captain) at a Thistle regatta in Nyack NY, and it has been smooth sailing ever since! 

Since moving to Ohio 2 years ago, her two kids have been crewing on their Thistle 4003, doing sailing camps in the summer, and generally playing with Lasers and Optis. When they sail Thistles, they are old enough that they are in the back of the boat, but they still duck during tacks. 

Kimberly’s sailing prowess does not go unnoticed by Hoover members:

Ann Jones states: Kim and Mike sometimes take turns on the Thistle helm and frequently take the kids out with them as well. On other occasions, Kim crews for various club members (I believe I saw her on a Scot or an Interlake a few weeks ago). And when Kim crews for others, she reverts back to her sail instructor persona and acts as a mentor when others need her help.   And let’s not forget the Labor Day Series results: in first place was Bill Miller, second was Kim Pasley, and third was Steve Lavender.

Lisa K observes: It seems like I saw her crewing or skippering on almost every HSC Thistle this summer. She seems to be a supportive crew and skipper.  

Rachel L adds: She is a skilled sailor and has been an active sailor not only on her boat but other boats and fleets.  Steve has benefited from her crewing experience.  She and her husband have also been very good about encouraging and including new thistle owner David Schworm and his son in sailing by crewing for him and taking both he and his son sailing.  She’s an excellent recruiter, such a good thing!

And one last story from Lisa A that shows her grit: Steve and I were on race committee a few weekends ago and it was BLOWING.  Lots of sailors retired from the races as the wind built.  Two Lasers – Kimberly P and Steve Lavender came out to the start line for the second race.  Kimberly had a good lead coming up to the finish but capsized right before the finish line.  She immediately started righting her boat, but Steve sailed past to win the race.  There were only 5 boats left on the water for the 3rd race that day, and the competitors asked if we would run one short race.  We did, Kimberly and Steve sailed again, and Kimberly won that one.  Nice comeback!

Please join me in congratulating the 2020 HSC Sportswoman of the Year–Kimberly Pasley!

Jameson Good Sportsmanship Award

Tom Fee was awarded Sportsman of the Year in recognition of his efforts to maintain and even improve our club racing procedures during a very difficult year, in recognition of his strong participation in the club’s races, and in recognition of his positive and Corinthian spirit on the racecourse.