2020 HSC Fleet Racing Season Wrapup

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Hoover’s 2020 racing season was a great success despite the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Governor lifted the ban on events like softball, baseball, and sporting events, like sailing, so we were off to the races.  We lost 10 weeks of sailing because of the Pandemic in April and May. There were a few boats racing on Memorial Day and on the 7th of June but HSC started our racing schedule officially on Sunday, June 14.  Eleven Wednesdays and 20 Sundays for a total of 93 races.

Club Racing

While the crowd on the patio after racing was pretty sparse the participation on the water on Sundays and Wednesdays was strong.  We were able to conduct racing from Mid-June through October. We had 3 Pursuit Races with boats numbering between 25 and 30 each time. With no throw out this year it took every race to determine the Club Champion, Steve Lavender.

The fleet that has the best sores in all the pursuit races determines the Fleet Champions.  The award for 2020 went to the MC Scows. The MCs came out in force this year. Like always.

Pursuit Race StandingsRace 1 Race 2Race 3Total
Steve Lavender/Thistle2237
Matt Fisher/MC Scow1179
Mark White/Interlake46212

Tim Bachman redesigned and built a new Pursuit Race Trophy. Thanks, Tim.


The typical 2-day regatta was replaced by a Saturday-only format and Hoover hosted six regattas all-together:  Interlakes 1, Thistles 3, and MC Scows 2.  All very well attended.  No dinners at the clubhouse and parking lot award presentations, but it seemed to be a big hit.

Frostbite Racing AKA S.A.i.L. Therapy

Sail-Aholics in Lasers therapy sessions, otherwise known as Frostbiting, will continue through the cold months as long as there’s no ice in the way and the day’s weather meets this formula: Temp/Wind speed >= 3.5.  On Black Friday 20 Laser sailors showed up to race!  Commodore and S.A.i.L. Counselor Steve Lavender organizes races on the weekends for all those who just need/want to sail.  If you’re not on his email list and want to participate, contact him at lavender.1@osu.edu.  Even if you don’t sail a laser and you may join the list, you’ll be entertained by your counselor’s weekly report and song lyrics and photos. 

Of course, this isn’t a frostbiting laser race, but the double rainbow is a good sign! Don’t you think?

Labor Day Racing Photos-Winds 18 mph Gusts to 26