2020 HSC Awards

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Our annual Awards Banquet was replaced this year with a presentation ceremony on the porch of the clubhouse, Sunday, October 18, after racing. It was a delightful time spent with friends and family. Our Master of Ceremonies Jeff Clark put no less effort into this casual event than any of our formal banquets. His performance of The Quarantine Rag is not to be missed. See the link to the FaceBook video below.

Award2020 Recipient
Hoover Cup
The individual who has the best scores
in the pursuit races.
Steve Lavender
Pursuit Race Trophy
The fleet that has the best scores
in the pursuit races.
MC Scow Fleet
Jameson Sportsman Award Tom Fee
Sportswoman Award Kimberly Pasley
Rippel Award Brendan Smucker
180 Degree Award Nathan Ward
Rob Ciccotelli Award
for Excellence in Communication
Jamie Jones
(For more details on HSC Awards check out the History section of your Hoover Sailing Club Directory, page 11 this year)

The Quarantine Rag
For those of you who couldn’t make it to the award ceremony, we wanted to share this video of our emcee’s intro song. Jeff Clark wrote, recorded, and performed this for the entertainment of our club members.

The Quarantine Rag

Lyrics by Jeff Clark
Sung to the tune of Tom Lehrer’s The Vatican Rag

Trouble came from Wuhan, China,        
Locked us in so now we kinda    
Bring home groceries by the crate, and
Isolate, Isolate, Isolate!     

If we’re being really candid,
Sailing safe means single-handed
Shootin’ up with Clorox     
When I hit the T-docks       
Doin’ the Quarantine Rag!

If you won’t keep social distance
Wear a mask at my insistence    
Though you say I shouldn’t fear  
Because it soon will disappear …          

I’m not making this stuff up, folks
Fauci says its not a hoax
Crap! I think I touched my eyes,
And then forgot to sanitize!         

So it came from Wuhan, China,  
Locked us in ‘til now we kinda     
Bring home groceries by the crate to
Isolate, Isolate, Isolate!     

This year Hoover ran a lotta’
Single afternoon regattas
Lavender is rhymin’                       
Havin’ a good time and     
Sailin’ the season
While coughin’ and sneezin’        
We’re doin’ the Quarantine Rag!