Thistle—A Hail from the Rail

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HSC LABOR DAY SERIES RESULTS:  Congratulations to all who participated!

  1. Bill Miller
  2. Mike McBride/Kimberly Pasley
  3. Steve Lavender

HARVEST MOON RESULTS: This regatta was raced at Atwood on September 19 and 20, the same weekend as the Cowan Regatta. Chris Diffley was the only Hoover skipper listed, but he represented us well on the first day of the regatta. A total of 15 boats participated.

COWAN LAKE REGATTA RESULTS: Would you believe that two boats from Hoover traveled all of the way down to Cowan Lake Sailing Association (and that’s not even part of the Lake Erie Fall Series)? But Steve Lavender persuaded Mike McBride to hit the road south to duke it out in that bowl of a lake. And duke it out they did! Mike won the tie-breaker to finish third, just ahead of Steve, who came in fourth! That’s a little bit reminiscent of the aforementioned Labor Day Series in which Mike’s wife, Kimberly Pasley came in second, to beat Steve, who finished in third place!

SANDUSKY ONE DESIGN REGATTA RESULTS: District Governor Conor Ruppen described the Thistle event as four races, each race having two laps, and each leg of each race was a mile long. Conor also mentioned something about lingering pain, because it was pretty windy on September 26. Dave Stetson (one of Steve Lavender’s crew) later announced that righting a capsized Thistle wasn’t much fun. Apparently they all coped to the best of their various abilities! Finishes of note included:

  • 1. Lee Sackett
  • 2. Tom Hubbell, with John & Betsy Yingling crewing
  • 3. Craig Koschalk
  • 4. Stu Fisher, with Matt Fisher & Ryan Squires crewing
  • 5. Corinne Sackett, with Conor Ruppen, with Carrie Patterson crewing
  • 8. Howard Hill, with daughter Natalie & David ? crewing
  • 10. Steve Lavender, with Dave Stetson & Simon Pennells crewing
  • 14. David Schworm, with son Reed & Mike McBride crewing. (The scores for Team Schworm might need to be corrected according to crew Mike McBride.)

NORTH CAPE BLOWOUT, OCTOBER 3: John Greiner is hosting the 54th North Cape Blowout, which is open to Thistles, Interlakes, and Lightnings. (Results will be made available later.)

Doug Laber for winning the Minton Trophy! Doug is the owner of Great Midwest Yacht Company in Sunbury, Ohio, and former Thistle builder.

In the words of Thistle Class President Tom Hubbell, “I hope everyone will join me in expressing our gratitude and appreciation for the decades of service, going beyond the “business”, that Doug Laber has given to providing boats and advice to many of us. I only have two of his boats, still in great shape. The Minton Trophy recognition (again) this year is emblematic of how we feel about Doug. Thanks, man!” [October/November Bagpipe]
For more information on the Minton Trophy visit:


October 10 – ANNUAL ICEBREAKER REGATTA at Crescent Sail Yacht Club in Detroit.

October 17 – HOOVER PLAID REGATTA is the Fall Finale of the Lake Erie Fall Series. This will be another event at which we need to practice social distancing. We INSIST that everyone must also wear something VERY PLAID, which will keep people beyond the social distance, of course. We will not serve food or beverages, and you really should not bring alcohol on your boat (no matter how bad it gets). Two adults per boat at Hoover, because we don’t want anybody to get sick. Fleet Captain Mike McBride has sent out the notice of race, and that contains all of the other particulars and peculiarities.

LOOKING AT THE LAKE: The Hoover shores are converging rather rapidly, so we may have to tack or jibe a lot by the end of the season. Jeff Tyndall, who borrowed John Church’s boat and did a jibe-capsize mentioned that the water was still pretty warm on September 27. That’s pretty normal because it looked like Jeff initiated his maneuver in the area of the original stream bed so it would hold the heat longer. Jeff, you didn’t happen to come across my trailer while you were down there, did you? 

Anyway, you don’t need to put your boat away just yet, because we still have a few more weeks of sailing, SO COME ON OUT!