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Cowtown Regatta
by Clark Wade

The 2020 Cowtown Regatta, re-scheduled from May, happened on a sunny September 19 afternoon at Hoover Sailing Club.  Instead of 2 days of sailing, dinner, awards, and beer… we had 1 day of sailing and none of the above; nor entry fee.  Twenty-five sailors showed up Saturday morning; rigged, launched, and sailed 6 back-to-back races with 1 throw out.

Our new fleet in Atwood sent 5 boats (including 2 on a wonderful, looooong double trailer where the boats were end to end), as did our friends at Cowan. Others came from as far away as Indian Lake, MI and Cave Run, KY.

Jamie and Jeff Jones did a great job dealing with an East wind, the worst possible direction, that at Hoover everyone knows is never just East.  There were huge (60-120 degree) oscillating shifts.  There were times we were hiking hard and a minute later you’re sitting on the low side with your arse in the water.  Especially near the weather mark where sometimes the wind would just die due to the high hills and trees near the shore.  In one race, I remember going around the weather mark and sailing downwind to the leeward mark on port tack the whole way, then on the very next lap, it was starboard tack.  In another race, it was crazy to see the leader way out in front, then a wind shift caused them to just loose it.  I remember watching Richard lead a race, then sailed into a hole and ended up 12th.  Seeing sailors on different tacks going virtually the same direction was common.  Extremely challenging!  By the end of the day I suspect everyone wanted the one thing we didn’t offer…beer!

Regardless of the conditions it was a lot of fun.  There was a tie for first with Mark White (1st GM) with 2 bullets coming out on top followed by Clark Wade (1st M), Steve Sun (1st mega), Richard Blake and Brian Pace.

While there were no trophies given, Mark White, fleet captain, had HooMoover Sailing Club/2020 Cowtown Mugs made and handed them to all who attended.

MC Masters Championship

Matt and Lisa Fisher won the 2020 MC Masters Championship regatta in Clear Lake, Iowa, scoring 1,1,8,8,2 with 46 boats registered. Day one (1,1) sounded light, day two (8,8) was pretty windy. On the final day only 1 race could be completed before the wind exceeded the class limit of 22 mph but they scored a 2nd to close the deal.

Ohio Triple Crown Trophy
by Mark White

A few years ago, the Hoover and Cowan MC fleets got together and decided to score both our Cowtown (9/19) and Cowan Scowin (10/3) regattas together and award a trophy called the Ohio Championship.  In 2019, with the creation of the new MC fleet at Atwood, we’ve added their “Blue Moon” regatta (9/12) to the original two and are now calling the combined trophy the “Triple Crown.”    With the delay of the Cowtown due to COVID from our normal date in early May, all three regattas were held as one day, “Bring Your Own Everything” events in September and October.   Thirteen sailors competed in all three.   We have found that this format has really encouraged participation with all 3 events having very high turnout this year.   The 3 fleet captains are considering making this our permanent format.  With the recent creation of a new fleet at Indian Lake, wouldn’t it be great for all 4 MC fleets in Ohio to participate in 2021?