Event-full! Race Committee Report

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The 3rd and final Pursuit race for 2020 was held in August. There were over 30 boats on the starting line.  Steve Lavender is our 2020 Club Champion. 

The Labor Day Series concluded on a windy Monday. Steady winds were less than 15 mph but there were definitely some higher gusts. Race committee was well staffed and did a great job. There were 2 capsizes with one requiring assistance. Mark White and Lisa Kreischer skipped the last race (over Lisa’s wind limit!) and helped out the race committee, in their own Whaler, moving the starting pin while the other rescue boats towed in a capsized Interlake to the dock.

After racing, a Thistle went for a windy ride, while everyone else was putting their boats away or relaxing before the trophy presentation. (I heard that the ride was a test drive for a new potential owner but not sure about that.) The windy ride ended up in a capsize in full view of the cars going over the Smothers Road bridge. The members spectating on the clubhouse lawn sent a crash boat to rescue the sailboat, but after a couple of minutes a second crash boat had to be sent in to rescue both the sailboat and the crash boat. As this was happening the sky was turning dark and a fire engine siren was blaring. It seems that a driver in a car driving over the bridge called 911. 

In the end the Thistle was returned to the dock and drained of water, while one crash boat towed the other with the smiling faces of the capsized crew. The Fire truck came into the HSC parking lot and noticed that we were well in control of the situation. A quick drive through and they were gone. As soon as the boats were put away tornado sirens started blaring. Many of us went into the bathrooms for shelter. Once the coast was clear I wandered around the clubhouse and awarded trophies to the remaining sailors on hand.