COVID-19 Club Updates

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Update October 2020

The clubhouse is still ONLY open for access to the kitchen and bathrooms and no more than 10 people inside. See more details below.

On Sunday, October 11, the club is hosting a socially distant 2020 Awards Presentation on the clubhouse patio and front lawn at 4:30 pm for members. Individual cans of beer and pop will be provided.  Remember, please wear a mask when inside the clubhouse or within 6 feet of others.

The clubhouse is open. The kitchen is open with a few restrictions.  At this time, the refrigerators, microwaves, stoves, oven, sink and countertops will be available for use.  Appliances and items not available include the ice machine, the kegerator, all pots, pans, dishes, utensils and kitchen tools.  Most of these items have been removed from the kitchen entirely and the cabinets have been tied shut, please leave them that way.  Members are asked to bring all of their own utensils and take everything with them when they leave.  No food is to be left in the refrigerators or freezers if you aren’t actively using the club or out sailing.
Click here for more details about the HSC Clubhouse

The first-aid kit and the AED (Automated external defibrillator) have been moved back to their usual location in the kitchen.

Steve Lavender

Update May 27, 2020

Your HSC board members have developed a plan to start up the 2020 season of club racing, starting this Sunday (5/31).    Organized Wednesday night racing will start June 17th with the first pursuit race of the year.     Your fleet captains will probably be reaching out to you shortly as they begin scheduling RC duty.  

The biggest clustering of people tends to occur after sailing on the dock as we wait our turns to pull our boats out.   If you see a large group at the dock, I encourage you to let the crowd dissipate while you either enjoy the day and keep sailing for a little while, or, tie up at the club dock and enjoy the view of the lake from the shade of the clubhouse lawn.

To keep things safe, there will be buckets with cleaning supplies available for wiping down RC boats and likewise there will be similar buckets available for you to use before and after you use club chairs and picnic tables.   Please respect social distancing recommendations both inside and outside the clubhouse.   Inside the clubhouse we recommend you wear a mask, especially when using the bathrooms.   Just in case you’re planning activities outside of sailing, you should know that the kitchen remains closed.  Also the playground is closed. 

I also wanted to let know that our cleaning guy started cleaning on Friday and also cleaned Sunday and Tuesday.  The plan is that there will be 3 cleanings per week until the middle of June when we will go to 5 cleanings per week.  

I did hear some concerns regarding the planned mid-June start of the sail instruction classes.   I want to assure you that Jamie’s team has a very organized plan which includes:

  • All instruction will take place in the yard, dry sail or near our sheds (not in the clubhouse).  
  • The normal “Parent Meeting” will be done video style. So there will be no mass gatherings in the clubhouse prior to the first day of each session.
  • All students’ personal belongings will be placed in individual waterproof bins at the beginning of the day and kept outside.
  • There is no lost and found this year for the learn to sail program.  If an item is left behind, it’s “lost” and will be disposed of.
  • Two outside hand-washing stations are being assembled to eliminate the need for the students to go inside other than to use the bathroom.
  • All sailors and instructors will be wearing face coverings anytime they’re on shore.
  • Every student and instructor will have a temperature and symptom check every day before getting on the grounds. Those failing that test will not be allowed to attend.

The Board has been monitoring guidance from the State of Ohio, listening to our members’ concerns, and working to make plans that respect the safety of everyone while allowing us to enjoy our sport.   Now the time has arrived to sail….and be respectful of others. Please follow these rules so that we can continue to sail. 

I look forward to seeing you on the water this Sunday!

— Your Commodore, Steve Lavender

Update May 21, 2020

With Memorial Day Weekend rapidly approaching I wanted to take this opportunity to give you an update on club operations.   The board of governors continues to meet regularly to discuss how we can adapt club operations to the Covid environment in a way that is consistent with State and U.S. Sailing guidelines.   Here are some updates:

  1. Starting this weekend the clubhouse will be partially open.  This means that members will have access to the bathrooms and the large room within the clubhouse, and the RC cabinet.  However, the kitchen remains closed.   Signs will be posted requesting that only one person use the bathrooms at a time and reminding members that only 10 people should be in the clubhouse area at a time.  There is disinfectant spray in both bathrooms and the main room and that each person is asked to clean any surfaces that they use. Please maintain adequate social distance when on the patio.  If you choose to use a picnic table you should bring your own wipes to clean it before you use it and after you’re done.   Also, if you’re the last person in the clubhouse, please be sure it is locked up when you leave.
  2. The docks and rafts are all in the water so you can go sailing.
  3. If you arrive at the club during non-busy periods (i.e. not on a weekend) and don’t see evidence of others, it is advisable to close the gate (you don’t need to lock it) after you enter to reduce the incidence of non-members accessing club grounds and facilities.    We’ve had some recent incidences that have led us to this recommendation.
  4. Drysail lot assignments have been sent out, so this weekend might be a good time to come out and set up your boat, and put it in your designated spot.
  5. Club directories will be available in the clubhouse for pick up.
  6. First aid supplies and the AED will be move to the RC cabinet which can be opened with your key.
  7. There will be no organized club racing this weekend.   The board will be meeting early next week to discuss how we can organize racing that is safe for competitors and safe for race committee participants.
  8. Learn to sail programs will begin in mid-June using a format in which there is one person per boat, or two co-habitating people per boat. Read about the updated procedures here.

Update May 9, 2020

1.    A plan was put in place to start returning docks to the water.   As of this email, the “T” dock, or launch dock as some would call it, is now fully installed.  This provides members an opportunity to go sailing while social distancing during the launch and recovery process.   In addition, rafts in the cove on the North side of the club have been put in place.  If you are one of these raft owners and already have your boat set up in west drysail lot, please move your boat to your raft  when you can.  This will make room for more boats in the west lot as more members come out to set up and sail their boats.    The remaining docks and windmill rafts will be installed by small teams over the next few weeks.   Jeff Jones will be sending out drysail lot assignments soon.   When possible please move your boat to its assigned spot. 

2.    We are trying to open the bathrooms at the clubhouse by next weekend.  We still need to finalize the cleaning procedures, signage, etc.  The rest of the clubhouse, including the kitchen, will remain closed for now.  We don’t want to promote the gathering of groups of people in enclosed spaces or risk contamination of the kitchen.   

3.    Fleet racing is still on hold.   While on the surface this looks pretty benign, there are still a lot of issues to work out regarding RC support (how many people in the support and RC boats).  US Sailing is recommending single-handed boats or larger boats with cohabitating teams as we re-start our racing programs and no après sail social activities. 

4.    Regattas are still on hold as they greatly increase the complexity of maintaining a safe environment. 

5.    Jamie is working through plans for youth and adult sail instruction that will entail limited class sizes and only single-handed boats or boats with cohabitating teams, and enhanced cleaning procedures. 

6.    At this point no club social activities are planned.   While I’m still looking forward to the Island Party, I have a feeling it won’t occur until July. 

In summary,  we’ve got docks in place that will allow you to get out on the water.   Please do your best to maintain your social distance during the launching and recovery process.   We have another HSC board meeting scheduled about 10 days from now where we’ll be reassessing our situation.

March 25, 2020

The board of governors met Monday (virtually of course) to discuss our policies regarding the COVID-19 situation pursuant the latest the Ohio Department of Health’s Director’s stay at home order.   While this order asks Ohioans to say at home, it does permit leaving for for essential activities, one of which is “outdoor activity”.   Specifically, the order indicates that individuals may leave their residence for outdoor activity, “…provided the individuals comply with social distancing requirements such as by way of example and without limitation, walking, hiking, running or biking.  Individuals may go to public parks and open outdoor recreation areas.”   Your board of governors believes sailing is an outdoor activity that is consistent with the intent of this order and we have confirmed with the city that sailing is an acceptable activity.  

So here is an update on HSC operations: 

1.  Docks-in day is cancelled.   

2.  Several dock sections are already in the water which can provide members access to the lake.  These were the dock sections that were left in for frostbiting activities. At this point, there is no plan to put in additional docks.   The remainder of the dock sections and rafts will be put in when the broader restriction is lifted. 

3.  A club safety boat will be parked at the top of the ramp, ready to launch, should someone be at the club and see a boat in need of assistance on the water. 

4.  In addition, other committees, including grounds and house committees, have curtailed their activities until further notice.  

5.  Remember,  if you come out to sail or prepare your boat for season, after you raise your mast, please be sure the side stays need to be tied to a ground cable. Spring storms are more likely to move or tip mast-up boats, and boats that are not tied down can damage the boats parked around them. 

6.  The clubhouse, including the bathrooms, is closed and will remain so until further notice.  The winter locks on clubhouse doors, which had been removed last week, have been put back in place. 

7.  Club racing is postponed till further notice (AP flag up).

8.  High school and collegiate sailing has been cancelled. 

9.  Decisions regarding later social events, including our Open House and the Memorial Day Potluck, will be made at a later date. 

10.  Early season regattas (MC, Thistle, and Flying Scot) will be re-evaluated in three weeks at the next board of governors meeting.   

11.  For those needing to move boats out from non-HSC storage locations, they may be brought to the club and put in the east side of the clubhouse lot until space opens up in the dry sail lot due to docks being launched.   For those wishing to sail, there is one row available in the dry sail lot that has been vacated by the lasers that can be used until you have access to your assigned space.   As mentioned above, remember to tie your boat to the ground cable.

12.  If your boat is currently in the east dry-sail lot and you’re not blocking anyone else in, you should leave your boat there and not move to the west dry-sail lot till dock sections are put in the water.

13.  The club will not be fining members for missed workdays, not raising masts, or moving their boats, unless people fail to move boats once the COVID-19 situation has resolved.

Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash