Commodore’s Comments

Steve LavenderCommodore Comments, Hoover Sailing Club, Leadline

As we start the 10th month of the year,
The end of the sailing season is drawing near.
When you’re reading this, there will only be a few more weeks to sail,
That is, if you’re receiving this leadline via email.
If you’re reading a hard copy leadline, I would guess
That what remains of your sailing season is even less.
So, I really want to take this opportunity to encourage you
To come out and sail a few more times before the regular season is through.
If you find you’re not ready to quit and head for the door,
Get yourself a laser and join sailoholics anonymous so you can sail some more.
They run their “therapy” sessions to help you through
As long as the water temperature exceeds 32.

This year the docks will come out on trick or treat day,
Please check with your committee chair to see what’s in play.
The goal is to spread out the work and the people too
To minimize the risk of covid spreading towards you.
Given this will be Halloween, I wonder if I even need to ask,
While you’re working around others can you please wear a mask?
What will be missing is our usual club meeting where we all crowd in a room,
But we’ll make that up early in November, via Zoom.

Our annual awards banquet has gone the direction of many events this year,
But come October 11th, we’ll be handing out awards after sailing along with some beer.
We’ll be out on the HSC lawn in front of the club in the late afternoon sun,
So please stick around after sailing and enjoy our socially distant fun.
Hope to be seeing you soon out at “H” “S” “C”,
As it’s one of my favorite places to be!