2021 Proposed Board of Governors

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The annual meeting of the Hoover Sailing Club will be held on Sunday, November 1 in a Zoom meeting at 7:30 pm. Details to follow. The election of the 2021 Board of Governors will be held at this time. The Nominating Committee of HSC, headed by Jay Huling, presents the following slate of officers and committee chairs for 2021.

OfficersCurrent2021 Proposed
CommodoreSteve LavenderCharlie Vasulka
Vice CommodoreChad HeadleeChad Headlee
Rear CommodoreScott SavageDave Smith
Membership SecretaryLisa AsperyLisa Aspery
SecretaryCharles VasulkaSarah Lynn
TreasurerMark WhiteMark White
Fleet CaptainTom FeeAppointed by Commodore
Past CommodoreMarty SweterlitschSteve Lavender
Committee Chairs 
HouseChad HeadleeChad Headlee
GroundsJeff JonesTed Thomas
DocksDon BacharowskiPeter Rothman Dave Stetson (assist)
JRTScott SavageNate Ireland
Leadline EditorLisa KreischerLisa Kreischer
PublicityNathan WardDave Smith
RacingTom FeeAppointed by Commodore
SafetyChris FogleChris Fogle
Sail InstructionJamie JonesJamie Jones
SocialJoyce LohnerJoyce Lohner
Planning & ProjectsMarty SweterlitschJay Huling
Planning & ProjectsMatt FisherMatt Fisher