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Five months of racing behind us; two more to go.  Sunday, September 6 and Monday the 7th are the Labor Day Holiday Series!  Our MC fleet has been very active this summer.  August 30th was the third straight racing day in which 14 MC Scows started a race and there were more MC Scows racing than the boats of all other fleets combined. We’re averaging nearly 7 boats on the line for each race this year!  After each race the MCs share beers and pretzels in the parking lot and share our success and “went the wrong way” stories along with tips on how to improve our techniques. 

MC Sunday Seminar

The MC Scow fleet has been active over the last several weeks with tight racing and good participation.    Richard and Clark are still on top of the leaderboard, but we have had many close races in recent weeks.    With this surge in enthusiasm, fleet captain Mark White organized a fleet seminar on Sunday August 23rd at 11:00.  The plan was to have an hour on land looking at sail trim and an hour with coaching on the water before the races.     We had 13 people enthusiastic skippers turn out!   Mark, renewed fleet member Brian Pace, and Matt lead a discussion in the parking lot with lots of good pointers and good questions. The 4 key takeaways were 1) sit with your front leg against the traveler, 2) maintain a constant angle of heel—about 15 degrees, 3) hold the tiller like a microphone, not a frying pan,  and 4) use the telltale on the top batten leech to keep your main trim in check.    We then rigged and went out on the water at about noon.    Lisa Kreischer videoed participants as they performed boat tacking and sailing upwind while Matt barked out encouragement and observations.   These videos were sent out to fleet members as feedback, along with a video of perfection of boat handling of Mark’s tacks and upwind maneuvering.   At our Sunday racing, 14 MCs were on the starting line using trying out what they learned.  We look forward to our next seminar where we can have the talents of Richard and Ted Keller help with more coaching tips. —Matt Fisher

MC Scoring

For those that don’t know, the MC fleet uses a unique scoring methodology.  Instead of separating the season into different “series” (e.g. Spring, Summer, Fall, Wednesday, Sunday, Holidays, etc.), we designed a simple system and have been using for the past 25 years.   All racing is included, but you count only half of the total races sailed.  For example, if we’ve raced 30 races, you count your best 15.  If you’ve raced fewer than 15, you count them all.  We use a high point system so the more boats that race the more points you get.   1st out of 5 counts less than 1st out of 10 boats.   In practice, it levels out the competition between sailors who stay at HSC and race a lot or sailors who travel and are not here as much.  You can win the season by sailing a lot and doing pretty well, and you throw out more races, or sailing less but doing better in the races you sail.   This year with COVID cancelling most MC regattas, the top boats are doing both, racing a lot and winning a lot.   And it keeps people racing right through the end of the season since a few races can really change the season’s standings.

Through the end of August, 51 races. Sum of your best 26 scores. Six fewer races than this time last year. Very tight! Might we have a new name engraved on the trophy this year?

1) Blake 57112) Thomas 99
2) Wade 56913) Fogle 83
3) Fisher 54514) Basford 82
4) White 42815) Tyndall 76
5) Pace 38616) Huling 58
6) Sun 34617) Andrew 32
7) Vasulka 19817) Graves 32
8) Wolf 15619) Lavender 22
9) Lonsdale 14520) Bingham 12
10) Rendina 14221) Smith 8
11) Lohner 12122) Lantz 3