HSC Junior Race Team

Scott SavageLeadline, Youth Sailing

It was a different kind of year for the Hoover Junior Race team this year as you can imagine. In lieu of our extensive regatta travels we branched out into becoming more diverse sailors.

We were able to practice two nights a week and sail in the club Wednesday club races for the first time. We traveled to Leatherlips for their Invitational Regatta and hosted two at HSC Invitiationals with teams from Cowan, Leatherlips and Eagle Creek (Indianapolis). The kids sailed great and had a good time. We won every division at all three regattas, and had some fun along the way. We would like to thank the coaches, parents and Board of Governors for your continued support of the program.

 We are very hopeful that next summer’s season will bring the return of the Travelers Series and the ILYA Junior Bay Week regattas.

High School Sailing will be started by the time you read this so the kid’s short break will be over. I am sure they are excited to get back out on the water. Take care, be safe and sail on.